Kadria - Balancing Face Oil with Chia and Blackseed

Here at The Amazing Blog we love to discover new natural and vegan products, especially those that are suitable to sensitive skin. We couldn’t have been more happy to receive Kadria Balancing Face Oil, which is a natural safe therapy which helps to nourish, protect and restore your skin. Made from 100% vegetable derived ingredients, it’s the perfect way to treat sensitive skin.

One of the main ingredients in the Balancing Face Oil is Blackseed. This plant, that in Arabia is called ‘seeds of blessing’ or ‘habba sawda’, helps to keep the skin youthful and radiant with its rejuvenating properties. Another key ingredient for keeping your skin supple and youthful is Frankincense. An oil that comes from the gum or resin of the trees, it helps to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin. Finally the Rose Geranium, with its wonderful fresh scent, helps to relax and calm your mind.

All Kadria products are developed by an aromatherapy and massage practitioner who has combined her Anglo-Arabic roots with her knowledge of the scents of the orient to create a line of oils ideal for health and wellbeing. Moreover, all Kadria products are natural and kind to our bodies because they have been specifically designed for pregnancy and labour. If they’re safe enough for using during those special 9 months, then who are we to argue!

If you want to ‘pamper yourself with peace of mind’, you can buy the Kadria Oil here for £36.