Skin Shop - KALME Undercoat

When you have sensitive skin, taking care of it can often be quite a balancing act. Trying to find the right creams and lotions to soothe at the same time as keeping the routine as minimal as possible can be quite a daunting task. Luckily, we here at  The Amazing Blog have discovered KALME Undercoat from Skin Shop, a great two-in-one that acts as both a gentle moisturiser and base for sensitive skin. With one less product in our beauty routine, our skin is much happier!

Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the KALME Undercoat acts as a barrier as well as a skincare staple, increasing the skin’s tolerance to a variety of cosmetics. Since skin sensitivity is often aggravated by a build-up of harmful additives, it's great to discover a product that provides a little protection. Free from parabens, the soothing cream provides instant cooling relief when applied. Skin Shop suggest leaving the product to sink in for about 15 minutes before layering on any more products, and I did worry that as an effective moisturiser, it may cause my make-up to slide around a bit. Quite the opposite was true, and my foundation stayed put all day. Not only that, any redness in my skin was calmed, negating the need for excess concealer. It's the perfect addition to my skincare routine, and has made quite a difference to my sensitive visage.

Pick up your own KALME Undercoat here for £17, and let your sensitive skin breathe a sigh of relief.