Kokoa Collection - Hot Chocolate

We here at The Amazing Blog are looking forward to warmer weather. However, as spring hasn't quite yet sprung, we're still happy for the excuse to warm up by indulging in a cup of hot chocolate. That’s why you’ll see us sipping on gourmet hot chocolate from Kokoa Collection, as it provides us with a one of a kind hot chocolate experience.

Once you've given this fabulous luxury drink a try, your old instant hot chocolate powders will be heading straight for the bin. The delicious tablets are perfect for melting into a cup of hot milk, making a silky, creamy drink that will have your mouth watering. Whatever your chocolate of choice, Kokoa makes five different hot chocolate flavours inspired by five different areas of the world. Each product represents the unique characteristics from every country’s original cocoa plant variety. My favourite, the White Hot Chocolate, hails from the Ivory Coast and brings a sweet, creamy and wonderfully indulgent taste to the table. If you're looking for something a little more bitter, the 82% Extra Dark Cocoa blend from Madagascar is a strong, rich blend that gives more of a kick. Whatever your ideal flavour, there's definitely something for you to sip on.

Do your taste buds a favour and pick up your own packet of Kokoa Hot Chocolate here for £4.99 each and enjoy every sip of your indulgent treat.