Lucy's Lotions - Body Butter & Rejuvenating Night Oil

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could tell your skin how to behave? Here at The Amazing Blog, we're often plighted with bad skin days. More often than not, they make their unwelcome appearance when we're heading to an important meeting or daunting first date. Thankfully, Lucy Gordon, founder of Lucy’s Lotions, felt the same way, and she has created a collection to help us finally take charge of our complexion woes.

When Lucy was younger, she spent her weekends creating unique skincare blends with her aunt, who is an aromatherapist and herbalist. Suffering from acne later on in life, this gave her the drive to create her fabulous vegan Vitamin E and Grapefruit Range.

From the range, we tried the Rejuvenating Night Oil and Body Butter. The Rejuvenating Night Oil contains a luxurious blend of 6 oils, including Argan and Avocado Oil. These oils promote cell renewal and help soothe and repair damaged skin. Smoothing the oil onto my face in the evening, it was fantastic for brightening my complexion. During winter, my hands became particularly chapped too, so I decided to experiment, massaging the oil onto my mitts. It was such a great discovery - it sunk right in and the tiny cracks on my hands were all gone the next day! The Body Butter contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, which reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, soothe damaged/sensitive skin and intensely hydrate. I use the butter after shaving my legs for a wonderfully soft and soothing finish that smells divine.

Want to banish those bad skin days? Head on over to the website and purchase the Rejuvenating Night Oil for £26.00 here and the Body Butter for £16.00 here.