Constantly keeping busy and staying on-the-go can take a toll on our bodies, but usually the first thing others notice is how tired our eyes look. We here at The Amazing Blog have discovered a beauty secret for perking up our eyes when they are in need. MAGICSTRIPES are our new best friends.

The first product of its kind on the European market, MAGICSTRIPES lift your eyelids and correct imperfections without expensive and risky surgeries. They are transparent, dermatologically tested as “excellent” and easy to apply. Simply peel off a couple of stripes and place them on the crease of your eyelid to achieve a fresh and radiant look.

The idea of MAGICSTRIPES was born when creator, Nathalie Franz, was on a trip to Tokyo. The women in Japan used a product to lift their eyelids because large, round eyes are a symbol of beauty in Asian culture. After trying this product, she was amazed by the effects and wanted to bring a similar product into the European market.

I am very impressed with the way this product lifts my eyes. I look and feel more awake. MAGICSTRIPES are an excellent confidence booster. I can go about my day knowing that I don’t look tired.

MAGICSTRIPES can be purchased in different sizes and quantities from Harvey Nichols here, where prices start at £18 for a pack of 64 stripes. The MAGICSTRIPES website also has video tutorials for applying the stripes that are helpful and worth checking out.