Mel Millis - Phytonutri Qi Range

As you all know, we here at The Amazing Blog are huge advocates for organic skincare. In honour of Organic Beauty Week, we thought we’d pay homage to a wonderful English organic brand, Mel Millis, who were kind enough to send us their Phytonutri Qi collection to sample. With such a wide selection of skincare essentials in the range, we were spoilt for choice.

Of their beautifully packaged Phytonutri Qi range, we were lucky enough to sample the Energising MM Facial Peel, Plankton Skin Remedy, Enriching Sea Plant Jelly and Enhancing Arctic Essence. Containing their namesake ingredient, Mel Millis (honey), along with natural exfoliant, muscovado sugar, we were most enamoured with the Energising MM Face Peel. With its range of delicious sounding components, we did have to resist the urge to grab a spoon, but once the product had made it from our fingers to our face, we loved the invigorating effect it had on our complexions. We often find that exfoliators are either so abrasive it’s like washing your face with gravel, or they’re at the opposite end of the spectrum, making no difference at all, but this naturally enzymatic formula felt so satisfying to use. The mild granules of glycolic acid producing brown sugar made the perfect consistency for a face peel. After leaving on for 10 minutes and gently massaging off with the included Mel Millis Organic Muslin Cloth, we felt wonderfully refreshed, plumped and smoothed. We also love that Mel Millis pay just as much loving attention to what they put on the outside as what goes into the products. Impregnated with British Wildflower seeds, the packaging is so natural that you can literally plant it and watch it bloom. Now, if that’s not organic enough for you, then we’re not sure what is!

The entire PhytoNutri Qi range is available to buy here, and you can purchase the Energising MM Face Peel here for £48.00, as well as extra Organic Muslin Cloths for £9.95.