Snail Moisturising Revitalising Emulsion and Revitalising Lifting Cream - Escargot Collection

Here at The Amazing Blog we like to try all things quirky and new, our latest find is the Escargot collection, a skincare collection using the power of snails slime to assist in repairing skin.

We chose to review Escargot Collection’s Snail Moisturising Revitalising Emulsion and the Revitalising Lifting Cream. It may not sound like the most glamorous product to promote, however snail slime is known for its great healing properties such as reducing inflammation and redness, stimulating skin regeneration, and locking moisture into the skin. Actually, the use of snail slime for aesthetics goes back to Ancient Greece era. The packaging is glamorous with glass gold and pink bottles containing good quality inside.

The Moisturising Revitalising Emulsion is a serum, which we suggest to use after cleansing the skin to improve roughness, darkening and dryness. It leaves the skin revitalised, bright and transparent. It has an oily base so, only a pea size is needed and the lotion sinks into the skin straight away, you can definitely notice the skin looks brighter but not oily. However if you have dry skin you may need extra moisturiser on top. You can also use it on its own as nicebase for makeup. The second product we tried from the collection is the Revitalising Lifting Cream, which is similar to a usual day cream with an oily texture meaning very little product is needed. It soaks into the skin and keeps it hydrated longer, the skin is noticeably brighter and feels silky smooth. This products help reduce wrinkles and fine lines on ageing skins if you correctly apply them on face and neck. They are the perfect combination for renewal and glowing skin.

Treat yourself with some snail slime from Escargot’s Collection and their luxurious products. You can purchase the Snail Moisturising Revitalising Emulsion here for £27.00 and the Revitalising Lifting Cream here for £35.00.