Mr Filbert's Mixed Nuts and Seeds

Recently, we at The Amazing Blog have been struggling to find a snack that will please our tummies and our taste buds. Unfortunately, we often give in to temptation and reach for sweets. However, once Mr. Filbert’s sent us samples of their mixed nuts and tasty seeds, our snack time stress was resolved.

Mr. Filbert’s brand values healthy choices and tasty alternatives to the stereotypical sweet snack. The brand is very excited to announce their new range of Pocket Roasted Mixed Nuts and seeds. The nut mixtures offered are Honey & Peppercorn, Chilli & Fennel and Sea Salt & Herb. If you prefer seeds over nuts, the company also has Chilli, Herb, and Honey Roasted seed selections.

Mr. Filbert’s generously sent us their Honey & Peppercorn and Sea Salt & Herb mixed nuts, along with their Chilli & Fennel seeds. Due to the size of these tiny packages, we were initially skeptical that the snacks would keep us full until the end of the day. After trying the nuts and seeds, we were pleasantly surprised that the amount was the perfect little snack after we had enjoyed our lunches, and the snacks kept each of us full until dinner time. Whether you want your own or choose to share, these products are healthy, filling, and pleasantly delicious!

Mr Filbert's new nut and seed selection is available from Waitrose and independent delis and farm shops across the country for £1.50. For more information  about this tasty snack, visit their website.