Natura Siberica - Sauna & Spa Slimming Icy Sugar Body Scrub

We are all guilty of wanting to lose a few extra pounds without the workout, and here at The Amazing Blog we are no exception. While this may seem an impossible dream, we were pleased to discover that the Sauna & Spa Slimming Icy Sugar Body Scrub from Natura Siberica can actually help to lift skin and shed some of our extra weight. Count us in!

While we may have been skeptical at first, we were glad to discover that this Body Scrub lives up to its promise of smoother and more toned skin. The scrub is packed full of all sorts of unique Siberian ingredients such as Wild Juniper and Organic Meadowsweet that are super concentrated with vitamins and minerals. The product not only exfoliates, but actually enhances your skin’s natural immunity to toxins. Wild Harvested Milfoil helps to improve your body’s contours and make you look slimmer by increasing skin firmness and elasticityArtic Raspberry Seed Oil and Wild Mint stimulate the skins natural metabolic process and leave your skin rejuvenated. The bright scent of the scrub combined with its relaxing effects leave the skin feeling as if we’d just had a professional spa treatment.

If that wasn’t enough, the Icy Sugar Body Scrub is free from Parabens, Silicones, Synthetic Dyes and GMOs. The wild-harvested Siberian ingredients all hail from local communities. You can use this product with peace of mind knowing that its production support small Siberian tribes.

If you find yourself in need of a spa day that leaves you a bit thinner, the Sauna & Spa Slimming Icy Sugar Body Scrub can be bought here for just £11.59 or can be purchased at Wholefoods Market and Harrods.