Nordic Treat - Hydrogel Face Mask and Eye Patches

Every now and again, we love a good spa getaway to unwind. But finding the time to relax and get a facial is tough. Here at The Amazing Blog, we've discovered Nordic Treat Masks, so we can achieve that luxury spa experience in our own home.

After a long day at work, it's no surprise that our skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up, and Nordic Hydrogel Masks are perfect for making you feel refreshed and revitalised. A weekend spa break can seem like a big ask in our busy schedules, but these innovative masks take just 30 minutes to work their magic. Infused with vitamins and minerals that are collected in the Norwegian fjords, these natural ingredients will give you a soft, hydrated visage whilst reducing the appearance of tiredness and wrinkles, and giving you that natural glow. With a selection of Face, Eyes, Neck and Décolleté patches to choose from, you can concentrate on whatever area needs a bit of TLC. When we first tested the patches we were pleasantly surprised by the cool texture of the gel on our skin, providing instant relief and relaxation. When we took the mask off, we looked noticably refreshed - it's perfect for a spa break sensation without leaving the comfort of your living room. 

You can grab a pack of 2 Face Masks here for £18, or treat yourself to a pack of 4 Eye Patches for £19 here.