Olsson Hair - Care Products

Here at The Amazing Blog, we’ve found that sometimes our head can start feeling more sensitive and irritated than usual. With constant heat styling and always trying new products, it doesn’t surprise us, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Luckily, we’ve found relief with the hair products from Olsson Hair Care, since they cleanse and nourish our hair without damage.

The products are free of allergens, parabens and colour, so they are perfect for those with allergies or sensitivity to beauty products. This doesn’t mean the products lack quality, since they still give hair volume and moisturisation while deep cleansing strands and calming the scalp. They do not have a strong scent like many other products do, so you don’t need to worry about irritating fragrances either.

We gave the shampoo and conditioner a try, and we absolutely loves how the products have treated our hair. With constant styling recently I have been suffering with an irritated scalp, and when I used the shampoo and conditioner, I felt instant relief. At the same time, my chic hairstyle stayed voluminous and glamorous.

Check out the full range of Olsson products here, where you’ll find the sensitive care shampoo and conditioner for £14.99 each.