Organic Sprouted Gaba Rice Black and Organic Sprouted Gaba Rice Jasmine - Minvita

Here at the Amazing Blog, it is no secret we like to promote a healthy lifestyle among our readers.  We recently discovered Minvita, a company dedicated to researching and sourcing 100% natural products, including both healthy food and beauty products, just perfect for us.

We were lucky enough to receive and try two packages of their unique Gaba rice range: the Gaba Rice Black , made of wholegrain black hommin rice, and the Gaba Rice Jasmine, brown rice made from Thai jasmine wholegrain from which they also have a germinating in Green Tea variation that enhances the properties of the rice even more. Minvita recommends staying clear from manufactured products when a natural, organic alternative is available and we completely agree. Their Organic Sprouted Gaba rice is made from the finest quality of organic wholegrain rice which is naturally germinated before milling.  Minvita's rice is 100% natural and organic and it is also high in iron, fibre and a great source of vitamin B1. 

Why not improve your lifestyle by choosing to eat natural and organic food? Grab the Gaba black rice here for £5.99 or the jasmine one here for £5.99 too.