Picasso Portraits 2016 - National Portrait Gallery


Here at The Amazing Blog, we appreciate creativity and artistry and being based in London we get to see a variety of great exhibitions.This Autumn the public will be fortunate enough to see the Picasso Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery, which will be open from October 6th 2016.

This will be a major art exhibition, being the first of its kinds in 20 years; it will be an exciting time for people to appreciate Picasso's work. The exhibition will feature 75 pieces of his most well-known work including some exclusive pieces that has never before been seen in the UK. London is lucky enough to be displaying the Spanish painter’s work until 5th February 2017 when it it will move to Barcelona.   

The exhibition has been displayed in order to demonstrate Picasso’s extraordinary range. Picasso has been described as the breaker of the rules for many amazing reasons. The choice of the portraits that will be featured in the gallery express a different side of Picasso, including some surprises and humour that will be key elements in the exhibition. 


The art display is going beyond expectations and will be an unforgettable experience for the public to enjoy his creativity as it will also showcase self-portraits. There will be a timeline in Picasso’s change of style from his earlier work when he was just a teenager and the end of the 19th century.  Also for the first time in the gallery there is support from the exhibition sponsor Goldman Sachs, so the first 100 tickets will be available to purchase here for £5.00 every Friday morning. 

Don't miss this one-in-a-lifetime experience of Picasso Portraits exhibition and go enjoy a family Sunday afternoon at The National Portrait Gallery.