Pink Molécule 090.09 - Zarkoperfume

Here at The Amazing Blog we would never say no to Pink Champagne, so when we came across Zarkoperfume’s Pink Molécule - The Heartless One we knew we had to try it!

Pink Molécule is influenced by Nordic natural beauty, from the lakes, trees and weather, this scent is captured and mixed with pink champagne to create a unique, sweet, floral scent. The light scent of the perfume reminds us of summer but is perfect all year round. The unique composition of the perfume means there are no heart notes within it, the top notes of Elder flower, Apricot, Black Orchid and Pink Molécules go directly into the base notes of Mahogany, cream accord and black wood accord. Zarko Pavlov, the creator is a Denmark’s only practising perfumer, and we love his passion for creating fragrances that capture the Scandinavian spirit. This fragrance in particular took its creator 9 months and 9 days which is where the 090.09 in its name is from. The bottle and its casing are simple, white designs with gold accents reflecting the minimalism of Scandinavian design.

Add the beautiful captured scent of Denmark: Pink Molécule 090.09 by Zarkoperfume with pink champagne to your Christmas wish list, you can purchase it here for £75.