PM - Zero Cream - Aqua+ Skincare

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we always appreciate using products that protect and pamper our skin. So naturally, we were excited to review Aqua+ Skincare's new product PM- Zero Cream, a moisturiser that's not only revolutionary but also works wonders.

From day one this regime will have your skin thanking you! The moisturiser is the world's first all natural anti-pollution moisturiser and the unique formula instantly begins to work in firming up your skin and counteracting the effects of pollution. The100% natural product contains aloe vera and antioxidants from olive leaves that help skin to appear brighter and clearer. The moisturiser has marvellous anti-ageing benefits, in part due to the fact that it helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Suitable for all skin types, this product is designed to continuously feed your skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy. To apply simply massage into the skin after cleansing and toning twice a day. Your skin will immediately be able to feel softer, smoother and hydrated.

You can purchase this product here for £45.30.