Popcorn Kitchen Popcorn

Here at The Amazing Blog we love a snack that is low in unhealthy ingredients and high in good taste. With the delicious popcorn flavours from Popcorn Kitchen, we can indulge without guilt. The popcorn is free of gluten, dairy, nut, soya and GMO. It’s vegan as well, so foodies of all kinds can enjoy their original flavours.

The main method of success for Popcorn Kitchen is the way they prepare their popcorn. In their humble beginnings, they used to pop corn in a giant, stainless steel kettle at small festivals and food fairs. After a lot of positive feedback from consumers, they were encouraged to start a small business in order to sell their popcorn to a wider audience.

They only use “real” ingredients, meaning products you can find in your kitchen cupboard rather than artificial flavourings. Their passion for gourmet artisan popcorn and the use of traditional handmade preparation methods make them a brand to watch.

The four iconic popcorn flavours include: Sweet & Salt, Sweet Chili, Sea Salt & Olive Oil and Simply Sweet. The Sweet Chili flavour was even a winner of a Great Taste Gold Star in 2014. Since the brand strives through their originality, the flavours they offer make for an enjoyable and unique popcorn experience. Rather than mindless eating plain kernels while watching a film, you can enjoy a true popcorn experience that is sure to please.

You can find the popcorn at a variety of grocery stores and farm shops, including but not limited to: Selfridges, Keelham Farm Shop, Monkshill Farm Shop and Natural Kitchen London. The popcorn is also available for purchase in bulk on the Popcorn Kitchen website to enjoy the great taste again and again.