Riad Of Aromas - Sensitive Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog we’re lucky enough to be constantly trying out new products, but sadly, we come across the occasional cream that irritates our skin. When we’re feeling a little sensitive, it’s a relief to find products designed to treat exactly that. Free from chemicals, alcohol, and all of the other skin drying nasties, Riad of Aromas is the answer to all our prayers.

Riad of Aromas takes pride in concocting the cleanest skincare, perfect for treating sensitive skin of all kinds. The range of botanical ingredients in their products treat a plethora of problems that trouble our complexions throughout the seasons. Of the three products we tried, we couldn't find fault with any of them. Their Cherry and Juniper Berry Gentle Hydrating Cleanser not only smells divine, but it removed our make-up with ease, leaving us with a soothed and hydrated face.  It easily wipes away the grime of the day, whilst maintaining your skin’s natural PH, ideal for those who struggle with breakouts. We followed with the Hydrating Neroli & Rose Maroc Hydration Bio Mist Toner. Rich in Omega 3 and other natural oils, the mist has a wonderfully cooling effect on the complexion, perfect for spritzing on a hot summer day. Last but certainly not least, we tried the Jasmine and Prickly Pear Replenishing Face Cream, which is great for combating even the driest of skin. The subtley scented cream left our skin feeling rejuvenated, plumped and youthful.

For those looking to calm and soothe your skin, Riad of Aromas is a real luxury treat. You can buy their products here, prices start at just £16