Saturday 5th November 2016 - Guy Fawkes


Here at the Amazing Blog enjoy the autumn nights in London even though its freezing cold it’s nice to wrap up warm and still see the beautiful city. It looks lovely over this period especially when it gets closer to winter and the Christmas lights come on the entire lights make the scenery look gorgeous at night time in Central London. There is a special event that happens annually on the 5th November it’s called Guy Fawkes also known as Bonfire Night.

Guy Fawkes Night is a traditional event that marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the House of Parliament in the year of 1605. There will be events leading up to this night and beyond, it is also known as Bonfire night as there is a fireworks display that take place across the whole of London in South, North, East and West London each display has several attractions depending on the council, including fun fairs, food stalls, bars and then off course the display.  Here is a list of a few main attractions that we would recommend.

South East London many people attend the Blackheath firework display as it is free to attend and there is entertainment throughout the day as a fun fair begins midday and then from 5pm the food stalls and bars open for the public, and then at 8pm the main attraction the firework begins. 

If your local to this area we would recommend attending as it is a great family and friends day out and the fireworks look beautiful in the winter night plus it is free to attend!


In South West London close to the river thames is Battersea Park, this is a beautiful park that even has a zoo and many of the locals and people from other cities attend. They's is entertainment through out the evening for everyone including colourful pyrotechnics light display, music on the night and then the firework display from 8.10 but be sure to arrive early as the gates open from 6pm. 

Battersea Park is a beautiful location surround by a pretty setting you can purchase your tickets here, a child ticket is free under the age of 10 an adult ticket is from £6.50


Alexandra Palace fireworks display kick off from the 4th November 2016 - Until the 5th November 2016, with it's stunning views it attracts thousands off people on the night to attend the display in North London nearest tube station is Wood Green. On the night you can expect fireworks display, a laser show, plenty of family activities and seasonal food and drink.

This year they will be going out and having a firework festival including a day of the dead parade, German bier festival, ice skating and other attractions also. It will be a weekend to remember on Friday 4th November gates will be open from 4pm and Saturday 5th November gates will be open from 3pm. Plus the display on the 4th November starts at 9pm whereas Saturday it will kick off at 8pm.

Tickets are available online you can purchase and adult tickets for £11.00 here and a child ticket here for £8.50.


Last but not least  Ealing Cricket Club is an annual firework display in West London on the 5th November, where they have themed entertainment as last year it was a fantasy theme and they usually have lasers that lit up the sky. Plus similar to other firework displays there is family entertainment including fun fair rides, a barbecue, mulled-wine and plenty festive goodies.  

This year celebrate an American themed fireworks display including all the other family entertainment gates will be open at 6pm sharp and the fireworks display start at 7:45pm. Expect an amazing extravaganza and embracing the USA theme with some of Hollywood's legendary music. 

Tickets will be available on the door adults will be £6.00 and children under 14 years old will be £4.00