Sebopure - Clarol

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Acne can sometimes seem like an impossible barrier to overcome. Here at The Amazing Blog, we’ve discovered Clarol’s Sebopure, a cream that can purify and reduce excess sebum, which is often a cause for acne, that annoying result of a bacteria building up that eventually leads to break outs and congested skin.

Clarol skincare is a revolutionary skincare range for acne sufferers. Their products aim to strengthen, enhance and protect the body’s natural resources fighting acne without damaging surrounding skin. Sebopure is a cream that you can use to either leave overnight and allow it to soak in or during the day before applying other products. It contains an ingredient called Pixalia, a natural plant active derived from wild mustard leaf oil. This works to reduce the amount of sebum secreted by the glands, allowing the skin to be clear and preventing bacteria from building up and creating break outs, whilst increasing the skin’s good moisturising oils. The simple and small bottle is also perfect to carry around in your handbag or your travel bag.

For a natural, anti-acne alternative treatment try the Sebopure cream from Clarol available here for £12.95.