RED5 Gadget Shop - Selfie Stick

Selfie image good.jpg

Imagine this: you are out with a group of friends and the perfect photo opportunity is bestowed upon you. You look around, but no one is free to document the moment and take a photograph. Here at The Amazing Blog, we feel as though there is nothing worse, and we have been dying to find the solution. Now, with the Selfie Stick from RED5 Gadget Shop, our search for a solution has finally ended.

This product allows you to attach your phone or camera to a stick and take a picture or video from a entirely different perspective. It can also be used to take self-portraits and group shots where everybody fits in the frame, so no one is left out! It is perfect for travelling, sight seeing, or just taking a 'selfie' on a normal day. As if the overall concept isn't enough, the best thing about the product is that it is so easy to use. All you have to do is attach your phone or camera in landscape mode with the screen facing the photographer. Taking a 'selfie' has never been easier! Make sure you don't forget to download a self-timer app on your smartphone so you can truly capture the moment. This camera/smartphone grip is super versatile as it fits most models of cameras and phones, and extends to 100cm.

Get your own RED5 Gadget Shop Selfie Stick today for £6.95 here and begin tracking your travels one selfie at a time.