Skin Shop - KALME Basic Skincare Set

Now that we're putting the winter months behind us, most people are lucky enough to bid farewell to sore, chapped skin. For skin prone to rosacea, ruddiness and easy flushing, however, taming your skin is a constant battle, whatever the weather. We here at The Amazing Blog hate looking like Rudolph as we walk around outside. Lucky for us, Skin Shop’s KALME Skincare Set is helping to rid us of our red faces.

The KALME Skincare Set contains a brand new and patented extract of young caper buds that has been scientifically proven to help combat the symptoms of red skin and sensitivity by up to 70%. The new KALME range offers a plethora of benefits, which help to combat ruddiness and sensitivity, protect from UV damage, provide 24-hour moisturisation and a strong antioxidant action thank to its ingredients Derma Sensitive, NanoSun, Indinyl, and NDGA. I often suffer from redness around my nose, which flares up at the most unfortunate times, but after one use of the range, I noticed a significant reduction. My favourite product from the range is the Day Defence SPF25 Cream which, although not quite as moisturising as I would expect, is great when layered with an oil, offering sun protection to prevent any more redness appearing.  It's certainly a saviour when it comes to sore, angry looking skin.

The KALME Skincare Set (Basic) costs £39.95 and includes a SPF25 Day Defence Cream, a Night Repair Cream & Water-Free Cream Cleanser. Have a look at the Skin Shop website to stock up on the collection, and banish your bad skin days.