Sleep Tracker Smart - Beddit

Here at The Amazing Blog, we appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep, both for the beauty benefits and to give us the energy to plough through each day. That is why when we heard that there was a sleep monitoring device that wouldn’t require us to wear a buzzing bracelet or sleep in a contraption that belongs in Space Odyssey, we snapped up the opportunity to give it a go!

The Beddit Sleep Tracker Smart is the ultimate life-hack to help you make the most of your shut-eye time and get going each morning with more energy. Simply place the sleek, minimalist device under your sheet and link it with your mobile phone via the Beddit App (iPhone and Android compatible) to have your quality and length of sleep recorded. Upon waking (the app will kindly wake you at the optimum time), you will receive a SleepScore so that you know how well you slept. While for those who also wish to get down to the science of their sleep, the device measures your resting heart rate so that you can decipher how well you recovered from the day’s workout. This allows you to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury due to inadequate rest and recovery.

Get sleeping like a baby with the help of the Beddit Sleep Tracker Smart, available here for £149, and visit the Beddit YouTube channel for more info!