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Boost Cellular Renewal, Pink Grapefruit - Boost Oxygen

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As you know, at the Amazing Blog we are always on the hunt for the newest and best products out there, which is why we were thrilled when we came across two new products from the brand Boost Oxygen. In their own words, Boost Oxygen is a new generation of skincare, and this is something we can definitely confirm!

We were lucky enough to try two of their new products, the first was their Boost Cellular Renewal, which had a grapefruit and frankincense scent and was 98% oxygen!! The second product was their Pink Grapefruit Oxygen Boost, which was 95% oxygen! The main idea behind Boost Oxygen is that while we know it's important to eat and drink right, we don't always focus on what we're breathing and the importance of clean oxygen. Our air is very polluted, but the portable Boost cans allow you to get a needed and healthy pick me up, giving your brain and body the hit of oxygen it needs!  We can't think of a situation where this product wouldn't help to make you feel perkier and more refreshed; a boost in the gym when you feel you're flagging, or post flight where the oxygen levels are low, it's even a great cure for a pesky hangover.

Boost Oxygen helps to reduce stress, relax the muscles, oxygenate the skin and boost cell renewal, which is probably why it is popular with celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow, Simon Cowell, Madonna and Mick Jagger! There are loads to choose from on the website if grapefruit wouldn't be your choice. Infused with organic essential oils or even plain, there is plenty of choice. We think we might try peppermint next as that sounds even more refreshing!

Starting from £10.50, the Pink Grapefuit Boost Oxygen is available here and from £14.99 the Boost Oxygen Cellular Renewal is available here