Art & Makeup - Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love experimenting with our makeup. To us, makeup is more than a simple daily routine, it’s an art. So when Art & Makeup came across our desk at the office, we all stopped in our tracks.

Art & Makeup is a stunning compilation of more than 200 images of award-winning makeup artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis’s best works. As the youngest Golden Mask award-winner for Makeup Art, Lan has created a book that showcases just how imaginative makeup can be. By drawing inspiration from painters, sculptors, and cinema, Lan transforms makeup into breath-taking artwork with the help of legendary photographers like Rankin and David Bailey. To complement the editorial works, Lan has also included step-by-step tutorials for some of the techniques used in the book, along with tips and tricks from industry professionals.

While these works definitely aren’t wearable for most people, Art & Makeup would be an amazing gift for any makeup enthusiast. We also think it would be the perfect coffee table book for charming your guests! If you want to spend an hour drooling over the gorgeous images like we have, you can pick it up here for £22.03.  

Dermacoll - Anti aging Supplement

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have come across countless anti-ageing creams and serums. Yet we believe the effectiveness of these products can only extend so far, there is a brand new way to turn back the clock. Dermacoll have introduced a break-through Anti-Ageing Supplement, taking ingestible collagen absorbs far quicker into the body than simply layering it on our skin.

The supplement stimulates metabolism and production of collagen directly from inside; we were excited to see if this is indeed more effective than other leading skincare brands. It contains Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen, Vitamin C, Green Tea Powder and Hyaluronic Acid which further promotes collagen production. Dermacoll promises hydrated skin, reduced appearance of lines, improved elasticity, healthy hair and nails and even reduction in cellulite.

After 4 to 6 weeks of using it the results speak for itself, our skin felt plump and deeply hydrated, this reduced any fine lines and gave our skin a healthy glow. After years of religiously applying cream after cream we are ecstatic to have found a product that really works. It was a super quick and easy addition to our beauty regime, mix a scoop into water or juice of your choice. Each Dermacoll contains enough product for a month of beautiful, ageless skin.

If you’re fed up of countless ineffective anti-ageing products, be sure to get your Dermacoll supplement here for £29.95; if you're more on the traditional store-shopping side, contact Healtharena on 01670 511066 to discover where to find the nearest stockist. 

Heathcote & Ivory – Kaffe Fasset Body Wash and Lotion


For one day only, here at The Amazing Blog, our office has become an enchanted garden. Thanks to Heathcote & Ivory, the Kaffe Collection has filled the room with the heavenly scent of summer, perfect for a grey dreary day like today.

We adore everything about it. It's only October and the sky might be a bit dull but the fruity and flowery scent of this body wash let our minds travel to a colourful and happy place. It’s not usual to see a packaging like the Kaffe Fasset one; the floral pattern is literally a feast for your eyes. Bright and vivid colours cover the box and the bottle gives an idea of what's inside. The Body Wash contains a bouquet of Orange Blossom, Bergamot and Oleander mixed with Black Pepper and Cornflower, and will leave your skin soft as a rose without using parabens or sulfates.

The Kaffe Fasset Body Lotion is what you really need to keep smelling good until night and double the treatment. We couldn’t help but spreading it on hands and arms all day as the effects on the skin are astonishing. Heathcote & Ivory’s lotion - we like to call it a potion - doesn’t grease,  and is very light despite its deep hydrating action and absorbs quickly.
After a while, we also noticed the scent on our skin changes; crispy and almost salty as the sea at the beginning, it gets fruitier and more sweet after a while.

Dreaming of a private, secret garden? Buy Kaffe body wash and lotion for £12 here, where you can also find, from the same collection, hand cream and cute scented drawer liners for £10.

Pure and Light Organic Creams

Here at The Amazing Blog we believe that truly natural products are the best for our skin, while on the hunt we came across Pure and Light Organics. We were lucky enough to try the Essential Face Cream and the Loving Mother and Baby Cream. Pure and Light believe that great skincare comes with simplicity, a philosophy that translates into their all natural ingredients. Interestingly the brand finds inspiration from ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, balanced alongside information technology of homeopathy.

The Essential Face Cream uses shea butter, to give it a creamy texture, along with organic oils of rosehip, grapeseed, borage, argan, macadamia and avocado to name a few. All of these oils contain vital anti-oxidants and vitamins that our skin craves; it balances, hydrates and revitalizes our skin. We loved how smooth the formula felt and the hint of orange blossom in the scent, after a few uses our skin felt deeply nourished and smelled fantastic. Take the time to massage it into the skin making sure to push up; this is a way to stimulate the collagen in your face as well as providing a peaceful and relaxing end to the day. It is recommended for all skin types and for any skin conditions, so get yours here for £29.

Mothers often have concerns regarding the products they are using both on themselves and their babies. These worries can disappear thanks to Pure and Light Organic’s Gentle Body and Face Cleanser and the Soothing Barrier Cream, both of which are part of the Mother & Baby range; it is specifically designed for safe use on mother and baby’s sensitive skin. The wash contains a combination of 8 active totally natural ingredients, these include lavender, calendula, and marshmallow root. The result is a sulphate free wash that soothes, encourages much needed relaxation for both mother and baby, as well as keeping their skin soft and thoroughly cleansed. We loved the potent lavender scent that takes over the senses to ensure a state of serenity

The cream contains 18 active ingredients including chamomile, yarrow, marshmallow root and silica. All of which are gentle on the skin yet still powerful enough to deal with irritation and dryness, the chamomile is calming, balancing and works as an anti-inflammatory. This is a multipurpose cream that can be used on multiple skin issues, even on babies from 3 months and onwards. We found the cream was extremely hydrating, absorbed quickly and left our skin feeling extremely soft. If you’re a new or expectant mother make sure you order yours here for £18.

Lushice Sorbets

Cocktails are certainly a guilty pleasure of ours here at The Amazing Blog, when we heard about the new Lushice Sorbets we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Inspired by our favourite classic cocktails, the sorbets are deeply refreshing and also a little naughty with the addition of Rum or Tequila. Finally a dessert that the kids can’t get their hands on!

The clue is really in the name, these desserts are truly rich and luscious. Lushice uses quality fruit juices and purees to give a sweet, potent flavour, and the addition of alcohol gives the sorbet a very smooth consistency. The flavours include Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri, we loved that there is a flavour for different taste buds. The Mojito and Margarita sorbets have gone on to win a Gold Star each at the Great Taste Awards in 2013 and 2014. This comes as no surprise to us as we loved the sweetness and freshness of the flavours.

The packaging is clean and crisp, with beautiful detailing in the shape of a cocktail glass. Each flavour has a different colour and images representing the fruit inside it and imagery of its background. For example, the Margarita pot includes images of a sombrero and cactus, expressing the cocktail’s Mexican origin.  The sorbets were unique and delicious, a perfect naughty and refreshing dessert to enjoy with your grown-up friends and family.

If you want to try a truly Lushice sorbet, order yours here today for £4.95 each.