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Eve of St.Agnes Facial Silk

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Hyaluronic Acid is cropping up in more products on the market every day, and here at The Amazing Blog, we are incredibly pleased about this. Hyaluronic Acid is an anti-aging ingredient that can provoke wonderful results when used regularly because it helps to plump the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Eve of St. Agnes is a skincare brand that we know very well, and they have recently created their ‘Revive and Renew’ range that includes a face moisturiser called Hydrating Face Silk. We were able to sample this product here at the office and in unison decided it is absolutely a must-have.

The Eve of St. Agnes Hydrating Facial Silk is really a cornucopia of fabulous ingredients that, when working together, create a hardworking anti-aging cream. Hyaluronic Acid is really the ‘hero’ ingredient of this product, working to plump the skin and smooth fine lines. Panax Ginseng, which is also present, works to stimulate collagen reproduction in the skin, and Vitamin A, B, E, and K work to restructure skin. Olive Leaf Extract is in the formula and works by smoothing the overall skin appearance. The scent is fabulous, as it’s a mixture of essential oils like Frangipani, Champaca, Blood Orange, and Ylang-Ylang. It feels wonderful on the skin as well, very cool and moisturising. The Hydrating Facial Silk is suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive skin, so it’s a universally friendly product. You will want to apply this in the morning and night, and it works best in conjunction with the other products in the ‘Revive and Renew’ range from Eve of St. Agnes.

If you are searching for a new anti-aging hero cream, Eve of St. Agnes ‘Hydrating Facial Silk’ is sure to please. To find out more about the Hydrating Facial Silk, which retails at £28 for a full size jar, visit the Eve of St. Agnes website.

Eve of St. Agnes - Organic Bath Oil & Exfoliating Polish

blog One of my all time favourite poems is "Eve of St. Agnes" by British poet, John Keats. The very romance of it has always appealed to me. So naturally, when a box from a brand called Eve of St. Agnes came through the doors of The Amazing Blog, I instantly claimed it. We received both an Organic Bath Oil as well as a Refining Bamboo Exfoliating Polish - I couldn’t wait to try them.


I started with the Organic Bath Oil. This oil contains a luxurious mix of organic avocado, hemp and coconut oils as well as orange, green mandarin, cardamom and frankincense essential oils. Once I poured two capfuls into my running bath, I was instantly hit with the strong smell of each oil's fragrance. I must admit, it was slightly over powering at first, but once I settled in I was taken away into a warming, uplifting and decadent bath time experience. Although next time, I think I’ll stick to the recommended single capful.


After my relaxing bath, I continued my evening pamper with the Refining Bamboo Exfoliating Polish. I am always hesitant using an exfoliator because of my sensitive skin, so I approached this polish with caution.  Initially, I found the polish to be a bit rough, but after gently massaging it in I became quite fond of the texture. And after rinsing it off I was left with smooth and silky soft skin.  Not to mention the smell of orange, green mandarin and sandalwood helped me relax for the evening.


With a magnificent blend of essential oils and some inspiration from one of England’s finest poets, I think we can call this a winner.  Available on the Eve of St. Agnes Website, you can purchase the Organic Bath Oil for £16 and  Refining Bamboo Exfoliating Polish for £18 as well as a wide variety of other skincare and body products.