Cocoon, Rose oil, Oud oil, Eveil and Gentle Argan scrub - Bleu D'Argan

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Skin reacts to weather constantly and a change of season can really affect our skin, when summer leaves and winter commences our skin can the first to be affected by the change. At The Amazing Blog we understand the importance of keeping our skin moisturised and using the right products, this is where we’ve discovered Bleu d’argan.

Bleu d’argan specialises in hair and body products and always uses 100% original and authentic Argan oil which is directly imported from Morocco.  We received 5 great products from their range including Cocoon, Body Sense & Oud body oils, facial cleansing scrub and Eveil.

If your skin has been neglected and has left you feeling stressed then the Cocoon anti-aging cream is the perfect daily moisturiser to add to your daily skincare regime. This face cream is a rich and creamy, yet has a lightweight feel, it’s enriched with Argan oil with nourishing benefits. If this moisturiser isn’t enough to keep your skin hydrated then you can try the Face Sense Oil. Only a couple of drops is needed, we recommend using at night time before bed to re-hydrate after a long day. If a real pamper evening is on the cards then the Clean, Gentle Argan scrub is perfect, it can be used all over to wash away dead or dry skin to tone and brighten skin. Follow this by using  one of the body sense oils, we loved Rose and Oud, there is also Fleur, Zest, and Body sense. They’re suitable for all skin types including sensitive and fragile skin; and the formula has pure organic oil whilst being paraben free. This body oil is light on your skin and absorbs straight away, leaving your skin soft and silky and protects to your skin against dryness of the season. Named Eveil, the last product is infused with rose and has a lovely floral fragrance, use this throughout the day to regularly refresh your face.

Keep your skin in the best condition this Autumn, and leave it feeling moisturised and glowing by using the right products. Cocoon anti-aging cream £35.98, Face Sense £9.09, Body Sense Body oil £22.56, Oud Body oil £33.46 and Eevil £9.56.