Finest Tea

Newby Teas - Masala Chai Black Tea

There's something quite therapeutic about sitting down with a warm cup of tea at the end of a long work day. Here at The Amazing Blog we take our tea time seriously, so we expect only the best from our favourite hot beverage. After trying the Masala Chai Tea from Newby Teas, we knew we’d found our new evening favourite, savouring every cup we pour.

The award-winning tea blend is influenced by traditional Indian culture, staying true to its roots with only natural ingredients. The chai blend contains the finest whole leaf Assam Black Tea, and when combined with cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger, it becomes a true artisan beverage. For an extra indulgence, we added a slice or two of orange, a cinnamon stick and a drop of honey. As well as looking extremely aesthetically pleasing, it added an extra dimension to the delicious tea. The enticing aroma alone will have you craving another cup before you've finished the first.

Pick up your own silken tea pyramids here for £5.85 and be transported into the wonderful world of gourmet tea.