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Muscle Miniatures – Hello Handsome

Who says you can't buy the perfect body? With this trio gift-set you get three! If you struggle to find a perfect male present then this set is what you need. If your beloved man works hard at keeping his body in shape or if he would love to have a chiseled body, we at The Amazing Blog, have found the perfect gift for him: NPW’s Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures.

The top trio is formed of a body oil (Ab Oil), moisturiser (Peck Rub) and shower wash (Gun Gel). They are cleverly packaged for a perfect male gift, each shaped like  the perfect man’s muscled torso. The shower wash lathers with  bubbles, perfect after a long hard day at work. The Ab oil provides extra nourishment and works well, alongside with the creamy moisturiser to leave the skin feeling soft. They all have a luxurious sandalwood fragrance which isn't overpowering to aftershave.

Winner of a Pure Beauty Award for Best Male Grooming Product you’re sure to please the man in your life with this, as it is a great present on any occasion. We love that you can give him a six-pack without going to the gym,enriched with a fresh, masculine scent.

Muscle Miniatures; the perfect men’s gift available here for only £9.75.