Cubbins Luxury Accessories

At The Amazing Blog, we're always on the lookout for ways in which we can spruce up the office a bit. And with the average person spending a minimum of forty hours a week between said office walls, there's nothing worse than a dreary work space decorated in a spectrum of grey shades and perspex. But with limited space available, and maximum storage required, it's no mean feat finding colourful additions that are also practical. Recently, however, one of our eagle-eyed bloggers came across Cubbins, and we haven't looked back since. The UK's freshest and most exciting creator of luxury interior accessories, they have a friendly yet professional approach and provide hand-made products for a wide range of needs.

From tissue boxes and waste paper baskets with exclusively designed covers to fabric-covered coat hangers and linen baskets, Cubbin have a huge spectrum of bespoke products, all of which will add fabulously unique twist to any interior.

We chose the brightly coloured signature cotton waste paper basket and tissue box, both of which have added a much needed splash of colour to the office. So if you're after something to add a spring-like feel to your home or office, check out the lovely offerings from Cubbins. Available online.


A Novel Idea...

When imagining my future house it tends to go a little something like this: sprawling country mansion, acres of land, Range Rover in the drive way, shabby chic interiors, Farrow and Ball neutrals on the walls and lots of quirky little pieces dotted around the house from Moroccan bazaars, Parisian antiques houses and family-run shops in little Netherlands villages. Not too much to ask, right?

And while the country estate and Range Rover may have to wait a decade or two, having come across the fabulous Jasmine Way website, I can already start building my collection of unusual home accessories.

Founded in 2008, the team at Jasmine Way have spent the last three years travelling through continental Europe and the Middle East, in search of unique and distinctive pieces from small suppliers, thus ensuring an element of exclusivity in each and every one of their products.

As the resident bookworm at Amazing PR HQ, one of my favourite finds on offer from Jasmine Way has got to be this Cardboard Stool Bookworm. Created by Stefanie Keppler and Ingo Fremmer, founders of a German design studio, this unusual stool certainable won’t be able to buy from Ikea. And never having excelled in DIY, it’s thankfully very easy to assemble, can be used as either a stool or a side table, and can be dismantled after use if lacking in space. And at just £23, it’s an absolute steal, so check out their website and snap yourself up a unique treat for that future dream home of your own.