Kat Smith

Grow Your Salon FAST- Kat Smith

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There’s not many people that would call themselves a “Queen Bitch” (although all very tongue in cheek) but then again there aren't many people who have had salon success like Kat Smith, author of Grow Your Salon FAST released in September this year. Here is an opportunity for an insight into how the dynamic Kat gained this level of success in the hair salon business, after being the co-owner of our client Hair Organics. So as you can imagine, we at The Amazing Blog knew that we just had to have a quick read…

With a warning that the content inside is “not for the faint hearted or easily offended” in the blurb, from the offset this book is a straight-to-the-point, a commanding read, really making you sit back and reflect on your business model. A short foreword from Jon McCulloch (The Evil Bald Genius) brings the book to the first chapter; a summary of how Kat has come to be the successful businesswoman, that she is today. Topics covered for salon owners include marketing strategies, ideal clients, pricing, online and offline advertising and much more. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your salon business or need something to kick start a change for your salon then this is book for it. We’re sure that you can’t read this direct, demanding book without feeling confused or surprised that you haven’t thought of these ideas and suggestions before. However, we’re even more sure that you will jump out of your seat to implement them.

Jon McColloch suggests only 5% of the readers will follow Kat’s advice, will you be one of those? You can order Grow Your Salon FAST by Kat Smith here for £24.97.