Lavender Room Spray

The Apothecary Room – Lavender Room Spray

rachels wednesdayDuring busy seasons here at The Amazing Blog, we crave uplifting refreshment for our bodies and spirits, and The Apothecary Room Lavender Room Spray offers just that!  In a single spritz, the Lavender Room Spray engulfs our office, filling the room with health and beauty benefits.

Specialising in hand blended products for both the home and body, The Apothecary Room specifically uses essential oils from sustainable and organic sources to revive the body, mind and spirit from the stresses of modern life.  The Lavender Room Spray is free from preservatives (like all other Apothecary Room products) and includes impressive ingredients like Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli and Juniper Essential Oils.  This combination of natural and paraben free oils has left our office with a fresh, clean, floral yet woody scent in the air.  We really appreciate that The Apothecary Room applies their passion for nature and the environment to every aspect of their products, even the creation of the bottle.  All Apothecary Room containers are made of PET plastic which is 100% recyclable. Other home and lifestyle products by The Apothecary Room include diffusers and linen sprays.  The Apothecary Room Lavender Spray can be found here for £12.

The Apothecary Room also specialises in products directly for the body including facial oils, cleansers, toners, body oils, bath salts, hand and nail oils.  These additional products can be found here.