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Etch Taper - Shave Gel

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Increasingly for us boys at The Amazing Blog the once daily chore of keeping our beard in check, has transformed into an art form of near perfectly precise sculpting of the hair, both on our head and our face. Inevitably around this new phenomenon, a thriving commercial model has emerged not only of barber shops opening at an impressive rate on our high streets, but also now an extensive range of grooming products, designed specifically  for the professionals which are offered also to each of us.

Etch Taper - Shave Gel is one such glorious find, and is the brain child of an entrepreneurial biomedical engineer with a fascinating interest in the revered world surrounding the barber’s shop chair, which went a bit further than simply having the ultimate buzzcut. Dr Salman Malik’s story is an inspiration to those who identify with the entrepreneurial hold that takes place when the potential of a solid idea germinates into the foundation stone for the construction of a brand. As if Dr Malik didn’t have enough to concentrate on with securing two Masters Degrees and a PhD, he also found time to study the art of cutting hair, all gleaned from the wonders of the internet - YouTube and Instagram, take a bow - and from this point, gained a loyal client base of eager heads needing to be kept in tiptop shape at the weekends.

Clearly a chap who is driven in an inexhaustible pursuit of knowledge, the nexhet challenge came in trying to source the perfect gel - if we remember his background, the fact his focus was on the perfect formulation of the ingredients with a very clear goal in mind, can come as no surprise at all. In this he was fastidious in producing ‘a shave gel that worked’, and thus we have at our fingertips the glorious golden elixir  he has produced is a slick, clear golden gel which allows us to see what we are doing, whilst lubricating the skin and follicles which are destined for a trim. The fragrance is peppermint based and key ingredients include witch hazel and aloe vera to soothe. It’s so cools as it glides on, and because of its transparent consistency, we can actually be far more precise in the shave job at hand.

Salman hasn’t stopped there, with a marketing campaign as slick as his product - the visual pull from the pharmacy shelf is given high prominence, understanding his target market, and keeping the message clear and succinct. Something tells us his attention to detail will continue to come through as he works towards the dream of opening his own barbershop, and then taking his brand global. When you see how far he has come in a comparatively short time, it would be a short-sighted person who doubted such an outcome; increasing your Instagram following fivefold in just a few months, and securing three distributors is testament to that.

On the subject of distribution, and where we can all get some of this magic formulation to enjoy, check out  where the golden gel (250ml) is available to buy here for £13.00 .


Active Dew Face Cream by Nakin

Beauty goals are a big part of our life at The Amazing Blog, and radiant skin is at the top of all of our lists. We are somewhat experts on products that claim to restore a youthful glow or promise to have you looking like a Hollywood star in no time, so trust us when we say that the Active Dew Face Cream from the natural beauty brand Nakin is the miracle you have been hoping for.

Nakin is a UK based anti-ageing skincare brand founded by Cris Beetham. Using her expertise in anti-ageing and natural products, she created a skincare brand that aims to enhance skin and improve skin appearance. Nakin has carefully selected naturally beneficial ingredients to create a highly advanced and effective face cream formulated for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Ingredients such as pomegranate extracts, hyaluronic acid, baobab oil, olive oil and argan kernel oil, work to hydrate skin and give it a radiant glow. Infused with Hyaluronic acid, the cream restores skin elasticity and structure and gives skin a youthful appearance by smoothing away signs of ageing. The ingredients extract dirt from pores, remove dead skin and brighten skin, all working toward a brighter and clearer complexion.

What is more, Nakin's miracle day cream helps to strengthen skin while defending it from external damage. Enriched with argan oil and olive oil the anti-ageing cream deeply nourishes skin leaving it soft and supple. After application skin looks instantly radiant and replenished. We are totally addicted to the wonderful fresh smell that it leaves on the skin. We must admit that we love the cream’s sophisticated packaging that adds an elegant touch to the bathroom.

All Nakin products are formulated and made in the UK. The face cream is free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance and colours, and is cruelty-free.

Purchase the Nakin Active Dew Face Cream here for £20.