Queen of the Hive Face Cream

No doubt everyone has heard of, or participated in, the contour craze that recently took over the beauty world. Just when we thought that contouring was reserved purely for our make-up kits, here at The Amazing Blog we discovered that Wedderspoon have created a Face Contour Cream as part of their Queen of the Hive Organic Skincare range. The cream is designed to firm and plump your skin to accentuate the natural contours of the face, highlighting these natural contours without the need for make-up.

The essential components of the cream are Manuka Honey for nourishment and intense hydration of the skin, and Bee Venom, which is extracted humanely, to increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production to keep skin firm. Wedderspoon make the quality of their ingredients a top priority, ensuring that they are from either organic or natural sources

The packaging fits with their natural theme, the lid being made from wood, with the stylish glass pot displaying the neutral / natural coloured cream. It looks clean, chic and high quality. We loved the sweet, fragrant scent (vaguely reminiscent of Turkish delight) and how the cream soaked into the skin quickly and left it extremely soft to the touch. We experienced no skin irritation, but obviously those with bee venom allergies should not use this product.

Become the Queen of natural contour by getting your hands on the Face Contour Cream here for £52. 


London International Antiquarian Book Fair

If you’re anything like me, you’ll use any excuse to read. Take this wonderful weather for example (have I mentioned how glorious the weather is?!), grabbing a book, a nice cold drink and a chair in the sun is my idea of heaven. So for all you bookworms out there, and non bookworms, this weekend’s London International Antiquarian Book Fair in Olympia is for you. And The Amazing Blog's very own Lucy (of Lucy’s Mondays fame) has her own book loving blog,, so you can be sure to catch her perusing the stalls at the fair. This book fair is a book lovers dream – in its 55th year it shows no sign of slowing down. Considering the current decline of book sales, this fair is an impressive testament to book lovers everywhere. The fair attracts over 160 booksellers from around the globe – ranging from illustrated books, manuscripts, fine bindings, maps, prints, photography, books from the 15th century to today, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for more of an educational day out there are a variety of lectures for you to attend. And if you’re just looking to look at some historical and beautiful pieces, there are guided tours for you to see all the reassures on display.

If you’re an experienced Antiquarian Book buyer or just starting out, the fair is a brilliant place to make a stop at for any area of your book collection. The fair has an unparalleled array of books, perfect for collectors and newcomers alike, the books on sale and on show welcome all visitors. So whether you’re looking to add to your collection or just add some style to your house, the Antiquarian Book Fair is the place to be this weekend, don’t let another year pass before you attend!