Mineral Face Shield

Mineral Face Shield – Repêchage


Our skin faces a lot each day – pollution, the weather, air-conditioning… In the short term it can result in redness, spots and dullness. However, there are ways in which we can protect our skin from these aggressors. It’s the reason why we, at The Amazing Blog, were really excited when we discovered the Mineral Face Shield from Repêchage.

This mineral face cream offers an environmental protection to your skin thanks to two antioxidant-rich seaweeds and zinc oxide, while calming the skin at the same time. With the summer finally here, the Mineral Face Shield is perfect as the zinc oxide helps to prevent sweating and absorbs facial oils. In addition, it will smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of lines and imperfections leaving a matte finish. Besides, this mineral face shield will also protect your skin from the sun as it has SPF 30.

What’s not to like? We are already addicted to this Mineral Face Shield that you can use either alone, over any of your daily skincare products or even as a primer under your make-up making it last all day. 

Protect your skin from environmental aggressors for £46 here