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Evanesce Crème - Evanesce

Coconut Oil has very much become the beauty product du jour. With its versatility, the oil can be used to nourish skin, smooth hair and even whiten and strengthen teeth! Now, The Amazing Blog loves a multi-tasking wonder product as much as the next sane person. There is still a very common problem when a product grows in popularity, which is that it gets watered down and mixed with a million other ingredients to help with mass production and save money. All of this can stop the product from being as effective as it can be. However, we recently came across Evanesce who produce Evanesce Crème which is a cosmetic grade, 100% pure, organic virgin coconut oil. It is exactly what it says it is on the luxurious matte black glass jar!

Evanesce only use the finest ingredients, by picking only mature coconuts from organically certified groves, before carefully sorting them and using an ultra-cold process to extract the oil. This result is a pure form of coconut oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and has a delicate aroma that fades leaving the skin soft and supple. What’s more, the Evanesce Crème has incredibly high levels of Lauric Acid and Anti-Oxidants which helps skin heal faster and reduces signs of ageing. The raw, organic virgin oil is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it’s as guilt-free as it is effective! Each jar comes with a small 14-page leaflet explaining the various uses of the product, meaning that you can get the absolute most from your miracle in a jar. 

You can purchase the Evanesce Crème here for £29.00 and shipping is free for all orders in the UK!

Skincare by GENbotanicals

At The Amazing Blog, we know that everyone has different skin needs and no two people have skin exactly alike. As such you could easily spend years building up a collection of products that might be effective for you, or you could try GENbotanicals. After having a consultation with them and discussing what skin issues we wanted to focus on, we were advised to try the Jojoba Rice Essential Cleanser, the Organic White Rose Adapting Toner, Green Tea Azuki Exfoliant and the Wild Japanese Camellia Emollient Face Oil. GENbotanicals is a brand dedicated to providing a botanical and organic customised skincare collection for your needs. As such you can purchase all of the products as is, or have them altered to suit you.

The Jojoba Rice Essential Cleanser is effective for all skin types but particularly those with dry skin. It works as a daily balancing cleanser, that gently cleans and nourishes the skin with its blend of Jojoba, Rice Bran, Meadowfoam and Hibiscus Oils. The natural product is absorbed quickly and effortlessly removes makeup, while encouraging the skin to produce a healthy oil balance. The Wild Japanese Camellia Emollient Face Oil is an effective weekly exfoliator. By blending herbs, grains and tea leaves, the water-activated product can cleanse and remove dirt from the face. The azuki powder cleanses and nourishes skin, leaving it smooth and supple to the touch. The green tea injects a much-needed boost of antioxidants into the skin while the clay detoxifies it.  The exfoliator isn’t abrasive or harsh on skin, making it ideal for those of you who have sensitive or easily irritated complexions. The Organic White Rose Adapting Toner is a refreshing way to hydrate, strengthen and protect skin. The active ingredients help to tone the skin, while the Rose Geranium holds moisture and stimulates blood circulation. This is perfect for anyone looking to reduce pore size. Finally, the Wild Japanese Camellia Emollient Face Oil is a natural and rich moisturiser that protects skin, reaching the deepest levels of the epidermis. This oil is ideally suited for to those with dull and dehydrated skin, helping to restore lost vitality and brightness. 

GEN botanicals are uncompromising in their commitment to promoting natural and organic products, and they follow a strict personal guideline regarding the ingredients that they use. You can purchase the Exfoliant Scrub here for around £36.00, the cleanser here for about £20.00, the oil here for roughly £28.00 and the toner here for around £22.00. Although GEN botanicals are based in New Mexico and their prices are in dollars PayPal.  

Heavenly Hair - Friday Favourites

Luscious, shiny, soft, manageable and enviable locks will always be one of our deepest desires here at The Amazing Blog. A good hair day is enough to change our whole outlook on life and a bad hair day leaves us feeling insecure and helpless to the cruel ways of the universe. We know that beauty comes from within but having light, flowy and beautiful hair is an instant confidence booster and something we always strive for! It’s a simple desire really, all we have ever wanted is to have hair so glorious Samson would weep, but achieving this goal is a momentous task that has had us in tears many many times before. Given all this, it is probably unsurprising to read that we have been on a lifelong quest to find the best hair care products out there, as such we have become experts on the subject, and it is time for us to pass this knowledge on to you our lovely readers!

The key to having soft, calm and silky hair is conditioner and after products. So it only seemed fitting to begin this post by telling you about Phil Smith and two of his Be Gorgeous products; SOS rescue Damage Protection Conditioner and Total Treat Argan Oil Cream. Phil Smith creates salon quality products by using the very best natural ingredients to ensure that hair looks and feels amazing. 

The SOS Rescue Damage Protection Conditioner is perfect for those of you who apply heat to your hair. The Intensive conditioner gives a much-needed boost of hydration to heat stressed hair. The Moroccan Argan Oil helps to protect hair and help it look shinier and feel softer. We cannot recommend this enough for those of you who religiously straighten, curl or blow dry your hair on a high heat. By protecting your hair before applying heat, you are helping it to remain healthy. SOS Damage Protection Conditioner will help it grow longer and thicker, and well as protect it from appearing dead or lack-lustre. A tube of 250 ml all for a modestly priced £2.50.

If this advice comes a little too late, however, and you have already dried your hair so much you are beyond help we present to you, Phil Smith. This is when Phil Smith’s Total Treat Argan Oil Cream comes into play. This oil-in-cream treatment will miraculously transform the texture of your hair. It helps lock in moisture to heal dry, damaged hair and restore smoothness. The combination of oil and cream gives this a luxurious texture, and you can almost see your hair drink up its goodness all for a reasonable £2.50 for 100ml tube.

If these products seem right for you, then you can purchase here at Sainburys online.

For those of you with ageing hair, that may be getting thinner or growing duller; we have the perfect product for you! It is a US brand called Living Proof, and the Timeless Shampoo and Conditioner will help restore your hair to it’s natural, ageless and perfect self. The blend of amino acids, weightless emollients, a UV filter and proprietary technology, is what helps to transform your hair, so it stays visibly health at any age. Our Executive Ed is particularly fond of this brand. This winning duo is sulphate free, silicone free and colour safe, which is always a bonus! 

With Living Proof in your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about tell-tale dull hair or fading colour. Instead, you will be able to walk out in pride as people marvel at your vibrant hair and your timeless beauty. Timeless Shampoo and Conditioner are both £24 each and are available in the UK from here.


I am sure you will agree with me when we write that frizzy hair can be the bane of life and all existence. Whether you have naturally frizzy hair or leave in fear of any moisture in the air, 72 Repair Oil is the perfect one stop fix

Their rich oil had been formulated to eliminate frizz and moisturise all hair types! Aside from the fact that it works, what we love about this product is that unlike other hair oils that claim to do the same, it won’t leave your hair with a greasy residue. Because they understand that greasy hair is not necessarily favourable to frizzy hair! The product is specially formulated to revitalise and soften your hair. This easily absorbable formula will leave frizzy and angry looking hair frizz fee, shiny and radiant. 
72 Repair Oil can be purchased here for £14.99

Last but not least is [A’kin] and their Dry Shampoo. While we may strive for beautiful hair, sometimes it is easier to hit snooze than get out of bed and wash your hair before work. For mornings like that, you will be thankful to have [A’kin] by your side. The dry shampoo creates instantly fresher and fuller hair, without leaving residue build up like other dry shampoos. 

With a unique combination of natural bamboo and rice powder, the spray works equally well as a handy way to extend your hairstyle as well as a quick fix for dirty hair. The product adds volume and texture without leaving the tell-tale white residue. It is also enriched with argan oil to help smoothness and shine plus millet seed extract to help aid the scalp

You can purchase this multi-purpose dry shampoo here for 150ml £12.00.

So whether your hair is telling the world your age, won’t do what it’s told, or is frazzled beyond belief, we hope we've given you a little insight and inspiration. We also hope that you too will find a product in this feature that makes your hair so beautiful that even Rapunzel would be put to shame.  On that note, wishing you all a Happy Bank Holiday weekend from us.