Niyot Lipstick - Striptease

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love styling our summer outfits with on-trend accessories.  We believe that adding a bright pop of colour is a wonderful way to spice up your look. The easiest way to do this is often through make-up, and so we were delighted to receive a beautifully bright Niyot lipstick, the perfect summer accessory.

Launched by London based make-up artist, Toyin Cayoi, Niyot Beauty boasts a wonderful range of products and colours, from nudes to berry hues, with mattes and cream formulas. We were delighted to embrace the brights when they sent over their juicy pink shade, Striptease. Fabulously creamy and hydrating, this Niyot lippy is brilliant for summer wear. It glides on smoothly, and doesn’t catch in the crevices of your lips, an issue that can be hugely noticeable with more neon shades. One of 12 crème lipsticks in the collection, we’re keen to try out some of the more natural shades. In the meantime, however, we are happy to be sporting a hot pink pout.

Sadly, the brand isn’t yet available in British currency, but watch this space, and in the meantime, their site ships internationally. Pick up the Striptease Crème Lipstick for $25 here, and embrace brights this summer.