Dabbers Social Bingo


With the warm weather and excitement of summer fast approaching, we at The Amazing Blog are always on the lookout for new activities and we have found the perfect hangout spot: Dabbers Social Bingo. Gone are the days of tea, corny hosts, and boring prizes. Dabbers Social Bingo has reinvigorated the classic British game and is open every day of the week in East London (18-22 Houndsditch).


As the UK’s first contemporary bingo hall, Dabbers Social Bingo combines elements of the beloved game with a modern twist. The bingo hall has pyrotechnics, bright lights, and a high-quality sound system to create an atmosphere that makes you feel energetic and ready to play for prizes, one of which includes an exclusive weekend getaway. Founder and entrepreneur Ed Wethered — in partnership with the creators of Musical Bingo, Gospeloke, and Comedy House Partyopened the hall in December 2018 to celebrate the classic game with friends or new acquaintances.


Guests are greeted at the bar with delicious cocktails, craft beers, and select wine as well as a diverse food menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options. The bar also features live DJ sets to add to the Dabbers Social Bingo experience and entertainment. The hall offers three unique bingo options during your visit: social bingo tables, intimate banquette tables, or exclusive Baller Booths. Regardless of your bingo style, the interactive game show elements and one-of-a-kind light and sound production produce an electric ambiance that you should not miss. Dabbers Social Bingo offers the perfect summer escape to have fun, reminisce with the lobby memorabilia, and compete against old and new friends.

The hall is open seven days a week with a different theme every night from Disco Bingo on Saturdays to Dabbers Social Bingo Club on Mondays. Tickets are available here from £12 and be quick as they are  often a sell-out.

Style Me Vintage - Tea Parties

blog template If there's an absolute must-have drink at The Amazing Blog’s HQ that has to be tea, no doubt. As soon as we arrive to the office in the morning we turn the kettle on and choose our own favourite mugs – by the end of the day there’s a pile of them sitting on our desks…

As tea lovers, we were very excited to come across with Style Me Vintage Tea Parties: A Guide to Hosting Perfect Vintage Parties. A beautifully designed book that gives you tips and some key recipes when hosting your own tea party.

Betty Blythe, the autor of this cute book, thinks that throwing a tea party is as much about the styling as the food and drink – in this book she attaches equal importante to each. The book is splitted into themed parties, each section guides you through the key ingredients needed to style your own tea party. From how to dress the table, design your invitations, create an era-appropriate drink to key recipes and costume ideas. Style Me Vintage Tea Parties is a perfect party-planning treat.

This small book is beautifully designed and very easy to follow. If you feel creative and want to offer your friends a different plan, we definitely recommend you throwing a Tea Party with Betty Blyhte’s help.

Style Me Vintage Tea Parties is published by Pavilio. You can purchase this fabulous book from Amazon and Waterstones.


Icely Done

In this unusually hot weather, here at The Amazing Blog we’ve been doing whatever we can to stay cool, and we’re not ashamed to say that we have been devouring Icely Done cocktail sticks. They’re essentially a grown up versions of popsicles, great for barbecues, parties or, at the office (if you dare). Inspired by fresh fruit drinks sold in Brazil, Icely Done cocktail sticks are a stylish and affordable way to serve an ice cold cocktail at any event. No more washing up blenders, jugs and glasses, Icely Done cocktail sticks are easy to hand out and clean up! These amazingly refreshing cocktail sticks are perfect for hot summer days, trust us, it’s tried and tested. They come in 6 exotic flavours: Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka & Pomegranate, Absolut Lemon Vodka & Raspberry, Havana Club Rum & Coconut, Havana Club Rum & Mango, Campari & Blood Orange, and Beefeater Gin & Lemon. There’s a flavour to suit every taste. For the health conscious, they’re free of additives and preservatives and taste just like the liquid cocktails that they’re inspired by. The Icely Done cocktail sticks are 80ml, 6% alcohol content, and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Just put them in the freezer, and take them out as you need them, they couldn’t be easier to enjoy!

So whether it’s a hot summer barbecue, or a relaxing afternoon with friends, at £1.50 per cocktail stick, these Icely Done treats aren’t to be missed! Available online.