Sunlover - Nutricosmetic Drinks

Here at The Amazing Blog, we understand that there are some nutrients we get best from the sun's warming rays. However, for the more fair among us, we'd rather steer clear of spending too much time in the sun. So when Sunlover sent us these nutritious drinks that claim to offer these very benefits in a can, we we're intrigued. 

Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the nutricosmetic beverage comes in two delicious flavours.  Protector, a thirst-quenching orange and carrot flavoured drink is great for topping up your vitamin levels, as well as protecting your cells from oxidative stress. As well as this, Copper helps to regulate and protect the skin’s melanin, whilst Zinc and Selenium help to shield skin cells from free radicals, ensuring you’re looking radiant and healthy at all times. Although refreshing, our favourite was the Regenerator, a pomegranate flavoured drink that's both nutritious and delicious. Containing VIQUA, it helps to keep elastin levels topped up, as well as providing a range of nourishing minerals and vitamins, making it ideal for keeping your skin at its absolute best. We also loved that Sunlover improves your tan, so we can prep for summer and get ready for that bronzed and flawless complexion. Did we mention that these sugar free beverages have zero calories? You can’t go wrong.

Sip on the sun in liquid form and have a radiant complexion that shines like sunbeams with Sunlover. Grab a can here for only £2.50.


Even though our mums are always telling us off for it, us girls at The Amazing Blog never get enough vitamins or sleep. Definitely not enough sleep. So we're always looking for the next best supplement to mix into our hectic schedules. With so many on the market to choose from, a lot of the time you can't be sure how much good they're actually doing you. But with the Onça supplement you can be sure that your body is getting the most natural and healthy ingredients, all while giving you a much needed boost! The Onça supplement is an all natural blend of ingredients to boost beauty and energy with anti-aging properties. In order to reap the rewards of Onça you have two sachets a day mixed with the drink of your choice. In the morning you have the 'Activator' sachet, designed to cleanse, detoxify, re-energize and maximise anti-aging protection. The 'Regenerator' sachet for the evening is a cellular regenerating mix to beautify and rejuvenate you. Onça uses only the best, most natural ingredients, and has a unique blend of 'super-fruits' such as Camu-Camu, Mana Cubio, Maracuja, Buriti, and Guarana which are proven to work wonders on your body. The ingredients they use are so rare that their supplies are limited to 3000 people per year. The fruits are harvested from deep in the Amazon rainforest - none of the ingredients are from plantations. The benefits you can gain from the Onça supplement are too numerous to list in this post, which is definitely a good sign that they're doing something right. We recommend using a blender with your Onça sachets, as the some of the natural bits in the sachet don't dissolve as easily. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before trying any new supplement.

So whether you want it for it's beauty or health benefits, be sure to check out Onça before it runs out!