Fresh Therapies

Here at the Amazing Blog HQ, we're a little bit obsessed with nails. On any given day one pair of hands might be adorned with leopard print nail wraps, another sporting a french manicure, a third donning short, square nails and a pillar-box red shade. However, having a fairly hands-on job, what with the typing, the answering of phones, and, of course, the handling of all our lovely samples, it's never long before said nails start to chip. Which, I'm sure most will agree, is never a good look!

Picking at chipping nail polish is oh-so-tempting, but it's a bad beauty habit that's easy to do without even realising it. Unfortunately, as with all bad habits it has consequences: weak, brittle nails in need of some serious TLC. And with the majority of nail-polish removers on the market being laden with man-made chemicals, dehydrated nails can often be an unhappy outcome for nail-junkies like ourselves.

Thankfully, the crew at The Amazing Blog recently stumbled across the answer to our prayers - Fresh Therapies Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover. Unlike many of its competitors, it does not damage the natural oil within nails which is the main cause for leaving them weak, dry and brittle. Full of natural ingredients and vegetable derivatives, Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover actually moisturises the nail and its surrounding cuticle and with a fragrant smell and no artificial acetones, there certainly won't be any lingering reminders of nail polish remover!