IdHair - Fiber Foam

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Blowout hairstyles are back! They have been increasing in popularity for the past few years especially with the emergence of blow-dry bars. While it’s great to have smooth and sleek hair without the damage from the hot flat iron straighteners, the cost for a professional blow dry every couple weeks certainly adds up. That’s why at The Amazing Blog we’ve got into the habit to do our own home styling! To help us try and achieve salon-quality results, we’ve started using products that are specifically for blow drying. One product in particular, which is new to the UK, and has helped to give us good and lasting effects at-home blow dries is IdHair’s ELEMENTS Xclusive Blow Fiber Foam.

Inspired by their Nordic heritage, Danish brand IdHair launched the Elements Xclusive line in 2018. All products in the professional haircare and styling line are packaged in a recycled plastic bottle and are produced in IdHair’s own factory in Sweden. A part of the recently launched range, The BLOW series in the range includes products to use pre-styling before you blow dry your hair. The BLOW Fiber Foam in the series is a hair mousse that distributes fibres in your hair to add texture to hair before you blow dry. The mousse is made with ingredients derived mostly from nature and is free from gluten, sulfates, parabens and irritating perfumes. The Argan oil and other natural ingredients like blueberry extract, shea butter, rice and amethyst enriched in the mousse softens and nourishes hair while the fibres give an extra voluminous boost.

To use the IdHair ELEMENTS Xclusive Blow Fiber Foamshake and hold the bottle upside down to dispense a generous amount of the foam. Then, simply work a generous amount of mousse between your palms and evenly distribute into damp hair. Then you are ready to start blow-drying for full volumised and sleek hair. The BLOW Fiber Foam is currently not available online (coming soon) it will be priced at approximately £12.50 for a 200 ml bottle to find it at your nearest salon visit their website here.

Geosticks by Geobar

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We love snacking at The Amazing Blog. It is our biggest vice, and although swimsuit season is a long way off, it’s all too easy to use layers to hide as our bodies turn into bears. While this may be cosier and on the whole a more enjoyable experience, it is, firstly, fooling no one and secondly makes swimsuit season all the more stressful as we battle against the results of our bad choices. To entirely avoid this we have decided to change our ways and make healthier snack choices. In our research, we found the delicious Rice, Lentil and Quinoa Geosticks from one of our favourite brands Geobar. The crisps come in three moreish flavours Sweet Chilli, Herby and Peppery

Each pack is gluten and dairy-free and contain Fairtrade rice from Thailand and Fairtrade quinoa from Peru.  No matter which flavour you choose the packet won’t exceed 91 calories. Making these not just an ethically right choice, but an excellent choice for your waist. We partularly loved the Sweet Chilli which had a subtle chilli/tomato/spice sauce flavour which came through on these delicious crunchy sticks. All three flavours are utterly addictive, and with their low-calorie content, you don’t have to feel guilty next snack time! 

You can purchase a Geosticks multi pack from Traidcraft here for £21.60. This will include 8 packets of each flavour which will certainly be enough to see you through the next month or two!

Riso Gallo Risotto Zucca

While I certainly don't see myself as the next Nigella, it's fair to say that my kitchen skills have improved dramatically since my uni days. Back then, beans on toast or Super Noodles  were considered a satisfactory supper and there was a rather unfortunate incident with gravy and a sieve (ahem) that my housemates have never let me forget. However, while I can now cook a mean spag bol and have perfected my Step-dad's famous mash, one dish that I've always struggled with is risotto. Something to do with the constant stirring and my inability to cook rice without burning the bottom of the pan has left me at a loss with it, and I'm always envious of friends who seem to whip it up without a moment's trouble.

Thankfully, The Amazing Blog has sourced the rather wonderful Riso Gallo, and given that they were established in 1856 and are Italy's first choice when it comes to risotto; we know we're in good company!

During winter, pumpkin risotto becomes a staple dish for hot-blooded Italians, with the sweetness of the pumpkin perfectly complementing the creamy risotto. And thanks to Riso Gallo, this winning combination can now be yours in a mere twelve minutes. Recently launched, the ‘Pronto Zucca’ (that’s pumpkin risotto to you or me) provides a hassel-free meal for two and is bursting full of flavour and delicious ingredients such as diced pumpkin, herbs and spices – perfect for those pressed for time or lacking the confidence to cook from scratch. Simply add water, bring to a boil, simmer for 12 minutes, and you have yourself a scrumptious meal.  And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can still add a personal touch by including some of your favourite ingredients.  I gave it a go on a particularly dismal day last week, and had it with a green salad, a knob of butter and a sprinkling of parmesan, and it went down a treat!

What’s more, Riso Gallo ‘Risotto Pronto’ has less than 2% fat, no artificial colourings, MSG or hydrogenated fat. So if you’re looking for some kitchen inspiration as winter draws in, or are simply after a quick and easy meal after a long day at the office, look no further than Riso Gallo, available at Waitrose.


Miracle Noodle

If you're like me you love a nice bowl of pasta, however, you probably don't like all the calories either. Nothing compares to a hearty plateful of carbohydrates, but The Amazing Blog has found something that comes pretty close: Miracle Noodles. These amazing little packages really are quite miraculous. If you've never heard of them, they're noodles which are wheat, soy, and gluten free. They have no carbohydrates, and only 5 calories per serving. Yes, five. If it sounds a bit unbelievable, it's not. Miracle Noodles are made from a naturally water soluble fiber called glucomannan which contains no fat, sugar or starch. These noodles are a perfect substitute for regular noodles, pasta and rice, as they easily absorb the flavours of any soup, dish, or sauce. As they're all natural, this 'miracle' fiber is actually good for you, unlike other low-calorie options. If you have diabetes or high cholesterol and need a healthy alternative to regular carbohydrates Miracle Noodles are perfect for you. If you're just looking to shift a few pounds, these noodles are great for you too. As the glucomannan fiber acts to slow digestion, it makes you feel fuller for longer. This slowing of digesting also helps you absorb more of the nutrients from your food. Miracle Noodles are available in Angel Hair, Rice, Fettucini and more on their website, the meal combinations are pretty much endless with these noodles.

Whether its the health benefits or a weight loss plan, pick up some Miracle Noodles and you definitely won't miss regular carbohydrates.