Marion Ayonote - The Ultimate Red Carpet Shoes

blog When we caught a glimpse of the stunning shoes that Olga Kurylenko was wearing on the recent tour of Oblivion; as you can imagine we at The Amazing Blog had to investigate further… regular readers of this blog will know we like to search out any unusual and comment-worthy British brands. And gosh have we got one for you.

It turns out that Kurylenko was wearing Marion Ayonote's Conqueror Gladiator Pumps  (which by the way are a part of Ayonote’s new Cruise Collection). We have been lucky enough to preview part of this collection (which incidentally will be live on their 'Gallery'on Friday 19th April) and let me tell you, this collection is STUNNING. OK, so the price tag of £550 for this particular pair of shoes might make you faint,  but  the quality is nothing short of exceptional. Each pair is handcrafted in London, made up of the most  luxurious leathers  and are most definitely designed to make a statement. The above pair that Kurylenko showcased are in a versatile pewter colour and made of the softest calf leather, which  has been printed with a subtle  lizard pattern on the tongue. This delicious combination makes them the perfect complement for any day or evening outfit and is sure to make a few heads turn. Many of Ayonote's creative inspirations come from her childhood in Africa, where her parents nurtured her talents from an early age, thus making her shoes original and unlike any other current designers.

For those of you who are lusting after these stylish pumps but cannot quite afford the price tag, Marion Ayonote will be releasing a more economical line, MA Diffusion Line, in a couple weeks. These will be in sizes 36-42 and are priced between £55 and £150. We suggest you revisit her website for this range in the middle of May.

The above Cruise Collection comes in sizes 37-41 and at present is available to view and buy, By Appointment Only. The showroom is located at 2 Munro Terrace Cheyne Walk Chelsea London SW10 0DL tel (+44) 0207 352 4088. We are very excited to have made  the discovery of our Chelsea neighbour. And who knows, maybe we'll  see some of her shoes making an appearence shortly on the latest series of Made In Chelsea?


Sewlomax Eco-Friendly Bags

blog Finding the perfect carry-all for all my things can be a hassle. Most of the time I end up carrying my makeup in ugly plastic bags or my smelly gym clothes in my nice work purse, and don’t even get me started on trying to find something to hold my monster of a laptop in. We are always looking for bags that are both functional and stylish but most of the time we only really find one or the other. It’s either stylish but completely impractical for regular use or functional but absolutely hideous.  I figured, after a long time searching for the perfect one, I would just need to rely on my plastic bags forever. That is until, we here at The Amazing Blog, came across the Sewlomax eco-friendly bags and with that,  all my troubles have vanished.


Sewlomax Bags are functional, stylish and eco-friendly. Each bag is made here in England with sustainable materials and adorned with darling images such as a row of red lipsticks for their makeup pouches or a cute pair of ballet flats for their laptop bags. Each creation is hand-embroidered by the founder, Emma, who devotes herself to making and designing fabulous and eco-friendly bags. These designer canvas bags come in variety of different styles all the way from coin purses to large totes. Each purse  helps to perfectly organise all your belongings in the most stylish way possible. They also make great gifts for others, or just as a treat for yourself.


To purchase your own Sewlomax bag go to their website and choose which style and design fits you best. These designs are attracting attention outside of the UK so get yours before it’s too late. Because how much longer can you really rely on those ugly plastic bags to carry all your belongings?

Jot Desk Coasters


If you are like the rest of us here at The Amazing Blog, where you need multiple cups of tea to get through your work day, than you have definitely noticed those ugly little rings that  mugs leave on your desk. And, if you are anything like me, then you always run the risk of clumsily knocking over your cup of tea while trying to reach for a pen. Well, I think we have finally found something that could help you with all of that. The Jot Desk Coasters is a perfect addition to any desk . It helps to  keep things clean and organized by keeping everything you need most all in one place. The Jot Desk Coaster is a combination mug holder and pen holder all in one. It combines two of the most essential desk items and places them all in one easy and stylish place. The coaster itself is made of non slip rubber so you won’t have to worry about knocking it off your desk when reaching for something and it completely diminishes the problem of those unsightly mug rings as well. The Jot Desk Coaster is a perfect compliment to any work space and makes everything look and feel more organized while, at the same time, keeping it all within reach.


The Jot Desk Coaster comes in 3 different colours (red, black and green) so you can easily find one to match you workspace and personality. You can purchase your very own Jot Desk Coaster on their website and if you type in the code word “BOOM” you can get a 10% discount on you new desk oragnizer. So set aside your worries of leaving messy mug rings or knocking over full cups of tea and get yourself a Jot Desk Coaster where you can have both you pens and your tea all in one easy to reach and stylish container.


Sen7 Atomiser

As any of us here at The Amazing Blog can tell you, girls love any beauty product that they can throw in their handbags during the day and their clutches on a night out. Multi-tasking products are what we live for. And we've found a new product that is sure to be your new handbag must-have: the Sen7 atomiser. Me and my girlfriends are all guilty of carrying around full bottles of perfume in our handbags, for emergency spritzes, however bulky they are. And for on-the-go girls, we need as much space as we can get! So to de-clutter and lighten your bags, the Sen7 is perfect. This small, lightweight device works with all perfume bottles to perfectly decant your signature scent and make it so much more portable than carrying around the full bottle! The Sen7 can be filled in 2 ways, with a funnel or with the 'easyfill.' If you're using the funnel, attach the funnel to your Sen7, then pour or spray your perfume into the funnel until it's full. For the 'easyfill,' simply remove the top of your perfume spray (don't worry - it'll go back on), place the Sen7 on top of the perfume nozzle, and fill up your Sen7. They're so handy that you'll wonder how you ever lived without them, I know I'm never without mine! The other great thing about the  Sen7 is the range of colours they come in, you can match them to any bag you have. Along with the bright and colourful Sen7's there are more masculine shades that are perfect for the scent-conscious man in your life. So men, there's no excuse for you not to smell your best at all hours! They're also flight-approved so you don't have to worry about going over your on-board allowances.

Whether it's for a handbag, clutch or carry-on the Sen7 is a beauty must have! Available on the Space.NK website for £25.

Pai Lip Balm

There are few beauty emergencies worse than having dry lips. Whether you're at work, on a date, or even just at home, having moisturised and soft lips is essential to any beauty regime. And if you look in any girl's handbag there's sure to be a few lip products in the depths. So if you're a beauty girl looking to add another luscious lip balm to your collection, The Amazing Blog recommends the Pai Bergamot Lip Balm. The Pai Bergamot Lip Balm is 100% Organic, and the rest of Pai's skincare are chemical free and Soil Association Organic approved. They're dedicated to making sure your body is getting the best quality ingredients. These ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, Bergamot oil, beeswax and sweet almond oil. There are absolutely no chemicals in the lip balm, and if you're wondering, Bergamot is the oil produced from the peel of the Sicilian orange. Learn something new every day! The Bergamot oil is what gives it it's light citrus-y scent. The Bergamot lip balm glides onto your lips and you instantly feel your lips getting moisturised, and as long as you apply it regularly throughout the day your lips will be smooth and soft all day. As well as being a delectable product, the Pai package is cute and stylish. You can whip your little tin out anywhere with pride.

So to keep your lips moisturised and soft, pick up the Pai Bergamot Lip Balm. Available for £7 on their website.