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Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser


Coming into autumn, you notice that rooms feel stuffy, and the air becomes stale with closed windows and central heating. Luckily, we at The Amazing Blog have found a simple solution with Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser. Fellowstead, founded in 2015 in Peckham, London, began as a modest start-up in a kitchen. This candle company has now since expanded its brand into lifestyle, home fragrance, and beauty. Fellowstead focuses on natural, pure products with a blend of earthy tones as they say: “An ode to all things leafy, herby and green.”

The Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser allows for the tangle of sweet and earthy scents to gently warm a room. The fern and moss fragrances are cooling, reminiscent of a springtime forest walk. These scents also prevent the aroma from becoming overwhelming. What is particularly unusual about this blend is the incorporation of fig. The overtone of the fig brightens the fresh scent and gives the fragrance its delicate fruity aroma. Did we mention that the amber of the glass bottle would look darling on a window sill? Activate the fragrance by sticking the fibre reeds into the bottle. Soon that stale, stagnant air will dissipate. The scent should last up to twelve weeks, but Fellowstead recommends flipping the reeds once a month. Fellowstead’s Fig, Fern & Moss Reed Diffuser comes in a 150ml bottle gift boxed for £24.00. Click here to order yours.


Friday Favourites - Natural Deodorants

Summer for us at The Amazing Blog, is enjoying the sunshine, drinks on the terrace, buying new swimsuits, and lots of SPF protection. Wonderful though it is to be in Summer, currently here in the UK it's 30+ degrees, humid and very hot! Which has concentrated our thoughts on coping with the sweaty commute and being forced to get far too up-close-and-personal on the crowded tube. Why is it that some people don't use a deodorant?! This led us on to a search for effective, fragrant and natural deodorants that don't contain harmful chemicals like aluminium and parabens. We hope these three new and natural #amazingfinds will inspire you to throw out your old deodorant and try something new. 

Ben and Anna.png

First up is the recently launched vegan and certified organic company, Ben & Anna. Ben and Anna are a German conscientious vegan couple, who wanted to formulate their products with as many sustainable and organic sources as possible. They saw a gap in the market and decided to create their own range of unisex deodorants, all based exclusively on natural ingredients.

Ben & Anna have created seven different fragrance combinations for their deodorants, all packaged in their eco-friendly plastic-free Natural Soda Deodorant Stick Paper Tubes. Each of the deodorants contains the key ingredients of shea butter and soda. These are solid deodorants, free from aluminium compounds, vegan and cruelty-free.

We tried the Pink Grapefruit scented stick which glides effortlessly over the skin with absolutely no sticky residue. When applied to the skin, it activates the sweet citrus scent of pink grapefruit, proving to be light and fruity summer choice.  The packaging is young and stylish featuring each of the fragrance themes on each tube, all of which are coated with a natural wax. Purchase a Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant Stick Paper Tube 60g here for £9.95


We now move on from the stick deodorant to a deodorant balm 'Déodorant Crème Botanique' by o.Moi Skincare. O.Moi is a Danish company founded by Kristele Sun, who sought to develop a gentle, skin-friendly range to help soothe her eczema. Every o.Moi product utilises aromatherapy and is inspired by Kristele’s experiences. For instance, some products contain neroli oil (orange blossom) because the scent reminds her of her childhood on the island of Mauritius. 

Finding the right cream deodorant can be very tricky. We've found that many of the cream deodorants were too pasty and left our underarms feeling sticky and damp. O.Moi offers a wonderful alternative. Their award-winning Beauty Shortlist  2018 Editors’ Choice  Déodorant Crème Botanique (Botanical Cream Deodorant) is made from pure, moisture-absorbing kaolin clay, to preserve dryness, and deter odour-causing bacteria. When we tried this certified organic deodorant, we found that it had a revolutionary cream-to-powder consistency. When smoothing it onto the surface of the skin, we also noticed it absorbed quickly as it released a subtle mix of essential oils.

The Botanical Cream Deodorant is composed of shea butter, grapeseed and glycerine which hydrates to protect the skin. It also encompasses tea tree, lavender, bergamot, and sweet orange oils for scent. We found that this combination leaves the skin with a clean, sweet fragrance. It is also aluminium-free and an ideal natural solution to body odour. Purchase o.Moi Skincare’s Botanical Cream Deodorant 50ml here for £23.00.


Rosenserien 2018-07-24 at 11.57.04.png

We’ve looked at German and Danish skincare companies, next up is Sweden with the beauty brand Rosenserien. Established in 1980's they are an award-winning and leading Swedish organic skincare brand, who is one of the top trailblazers in the natural and sustainable beauty sector. Rosenserien has a long-standing international fan base of environmental-friendly consumers. With a range of over thirty-five different skin and haircare products, they are all free from synthetic and animal ingredients, are vegan-friendly, and use only 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

We tried their rose-scented Deodorant Spray and were not disappointed. This was on the recommendation from our client The Beauty Shortlist, where they recently won 2018 Finalist with their Roll-on Deodorant. As you can imagine we were eager to try one of their organic deodorants. We found that the Deodorant Spray was long-lasting and had us feeling fresh throughout the day. As big fans of rose based products, we were excited by the fresh floral scent and also loved the easy action spray pump. Their organic ingredient index must be applauded too: Essential rose oil, certified and fair trade aloe vera gel, Chinese green tea, and vegetable oils. Making this product perfect for sensitive skin, it's free from parabens, aluminium, and alcohol. This Deodorant Spray will certainly be keeping us dry and smelling garden-fresh this summer. Purchase Rosenserien Deodorant Spray 100ml here for £14.00.

VOYA - Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion


Summer is here, and The Amazing Blog team has taken all sorts of measures to ensure that our bodies have been pampered and taken care. In preparation for this season ahead, we received the Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion from VOYA to try. As our regular readers will know, we have a bit of a penchant for Voya, you will see here from the past review of their Bright Eyes Brightening Eye Cream. VOYA was founded in 2006 by husband and wife team, Mark & Kira Walton. They focused on the natural power of seaweed, VOYA is an Irish niche brand that has harnessed the incredible soothing skin properties of the 'seaweed baths.'

At the core of VOYA is the love for seaweed-based products. The Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion is richly infused with hand-harvested Fucus Serratus extract. This is a type of seaweed that filters ocean water for nutrients to survive, so it becomes dense with the anti-oxidants and minerals our skin loves. The next two key ingredients are Shea Butter and Prickly Pear Oil, helping to deeply nourish, moisturise, heal, and protect the skin—evidence that nature always has our back. Our favourite part was the uplifting scent of lime and mandarin. It left a subtle fresh aroma on our skin throughout the day. We couldn’t get enough of it.

This body lotion naturally helps to prevent signs of ageing and cellulite and improves the skin’s tone and elasticity. We have noticed instantly hydrated and smooth skin, even on those days where our skin has seen some dryness. This unique blend of 80% organic ingredients has our skin craving more. They are also Halal certified, free from mineral oils, synthetic colours, preservatives, and are cruelty-free. The Softly Does It Hydrating Body Lotion from VOYA is available for purchase here for £28.

The Tropical Gelish Gala

After a long week, we can’t wait to put our feet up, relax, and indulge in good food, drinks and even better company. At this time of year we all day-dream of our next holiday – will it be a weekend getaway in the country or a beachside cabana?  Nail Harmony UK is hosting their very special Tropical Gelish Gala evening on 22nd June. Plus, also offering a great opportunity to win a luxury all-inclusive holiday to Mexico!  So let’s talk about the Tropical Gelish Gala first. This glamorous affair has something for everyone: Food, music, dancing and entertainment. During the evening, you’ll be able to enjoy a live performance by an X Factor contestant, table magic, fire dancers and so much more …… please keep reading on!



Don’t be shy, whether you’re a nail newbie, experienced pro or friend of the industry, this fantastic evening is open to everyone!  “This not-to-be missed party is open to all and has a tropical theme is to encourage some summer sun,” comments Georgie Smedley, director, Nail Harmony UK. “ Complimentary Cocktails and Mocktails will be available all night long, as well as great food to keep energy levels high and some exciting announcements will also be revealed…”


As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for your next holiday, Nail Harmony UK is offering an all-inclusive trip for two to Mexico, for one lucky winner! The entry guidelines are simple:  Book a ticket, take a photo of a Gelish bottle in a creative, unique or exotic location – we say think beyond the bounds of convention here. Then, upload to social media with the hashtag #CherishGelish and, you’re done.

It’s guaranteed to be a fun-filled night. Put on your party shoes and come and join us on Friday 22nd June.  Tickets are going fast, so don’t miss out and book here

All tickets are £45 per person, the evening will be at The Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, from 6.30pm ‘til late! We at The Amazing Blog can’t wait to meet you all – please do come and find us to say hello :)  

Charlotte Rhys Eau De Toilette - Victor

new blog pic.jpg

Everyone searches for their signature scent, you know the one that says it's you. There is nothing more annoying than your best girlfriend copping a sniff of your favourite fragrance, and then sneakily going out to buy the very same! We at The Amazing Blog are always keen on discovering new and unique fragrances to help us stand out in a sea of perfumes. This is why we were intrigued to receive the luxurious Eau De Toilette in Victor from Charlotte Rhys. This South African brand was founded in 1999 by Janet Rhys and Shaun McDermott. They have since established themselves as a leading luxury brand, recently launching here in the UK. What we love about this company is that their focus is on being environmentally friendly. Their ‘green policy’ is something that they are rightfully proud of, as they strive to ensure all their ingredients are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.

This brand has a fragrance for every personality, mood, or occasion and the one we can’t get enough of is the scent Victor. Each perfume in their Classic line is inspired by their hometown of Cape Town. This ‘aromatic and enticing’ perfume has top notes of Nutmeg, Baie Rose and Grapefruit to give you a sweet and sultry allure to carry along into every room you enter. The heart notes of Lavender, Geranium and Black Pepper gives a well-rounded aroma that lingers all day.  Despite being just an eau de toilette, we found that this scent had staying power; it was as subtly fragrant by the afternoon, as it was when we first spritzed it on in the morning. We think that this enigmatic scent is perfect year-round; ensuring to make you stand out from the crowd on a night out. Charlotte Rhys Eau De Toilette in Victor is available to purchase here for £39.00.