Good Full Stop - Fruit & Nut Bars

When trying to stick to a healthy diet, snack time can become stressful. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found the perfect nutritional addition to your snack cupboard. Good Full Stop have introduced a range of healthy Fruit & Nut Bars that taste as good as they sound.

With 6 delectable flavours in the range, we were lucky enough to try them all. Each is delicious and indulgent; choose from Fruit & Nut, Double Chocolate, Raspberry, Chocolate & Mint, Chocolate Orange and Cherry & Maple Syrup. These wholesome fruit and nut bars keep sweet cravings at bay and provide you with one of your five a day! We often put up with hunger pangs between meals, but we loved how filling and convenient these bars were on the go. They would be ideal for children’s lunchboxes as a nutritious substitute to chocolate bars; a healthy bar with a 'hint of naughtiness'. Each made with tasty dates (nature’s answer to toffee), they are packed into the bars to provide that mouth-watering sweetness that we often crave when it comes to keeping healthy. What's more, Good Full Stop have ensured that the bars can be enjoyed by everyone. Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the ingredients are totally natural so there was no need for harmful additives.

Keep your sweet cravings satisfied with this healthy, nutritious and just Good Full Stop bar, buy yours here for 65p each, or £11.40 for a box of 20.

Adigym Endurance Exercise Cream

The Amazing Blog staff members love staying healthy and exercising. Adigym respects the desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and sent us samples of their newest body firming cream to give us some extra motivation.

Adigym is a body cream that provides the same body-toning effects as those gained through endurance exercises. The product contains a newly discovered formula called actigym, which contains a Bermudan marine plankton extract that is scientifically proven to regulate the production of type 1 muscle fibres. Type 1 Muscle fibres are often gained from swimming, running or cycling. They assist in reducing fat uptake, which results in a tighter and more toned appearance.

Still feeling skeptical? A trial on 60 women ages 35-50 reaped amazing results. The average participant lost 3 c.m. on the waist, 2.9 c.m. on the upper thighs and 2.4 c.m. on the upper arms. The general body weight loss of the women using the product was 4kg, which we find incredible! Additionally, Fran Newman-Young of “Made in Chelsea” uses the product, and she has time and time again reassured the public that it is effective.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle of moderate exercise and a generally healthy diet, Adigym can act as the perfect finishing touch to helping you get the weight loss look you desire. Thanks to this product, we are feeling more fit than ever! Adigym Endurance Exercise Formula costs £24.95 (150ml) and is available here

Lunaling Capri Exercise Pants & Giveaway!

Lunaling Capris The sun has been shining brightly in London recently, which means 3 things: lathering on sunscreen, attempting to get a proper tan and getting my body beach ready. The latter is, unfortunately, easier said than done. When I was given the opportunity (or well… I actually was the only one that was willing) to trial Lunaling Capris for The Amazing Blog, I saw that as an opportunity to finally make use of my newly purchased running shoes and the start of my weekly running routine.

Lunaling exercise pants are famed to aid in weight loss and getting smoother, softer skin, which come in 3 types: Shorts, Capris and Leggings. They are made of very thick, stretchy fabric that is breathable and very comfortable to wear. The ‘technology’ behind this collection is that the pants use your natural body temperature to increase the heat around the areas where it's hard to tone up: legs, bum and tum – simply brilliant.

As I’m just in my twenties and am lucky to not have dimples on my body (yet!), I can’t say if it helped in getting smoother skin. However, for a girl that doesn’t sweat much working out normally, wearing these Capris have definitely stimulated the ‘troubled areas’ to sweat… buckets. Good thing is that even though you sweat, you won’t feel or see it through your pants because of this specially designed fabric.

Now 6 weeks later, I can say that not only have my thighs and tummy toned up a bit, I also feel more energised and awake after my morning work-out. Maybe it’s the endorphins, maybe it’s the sun – I don’t know. One thing I do know is that I’ll definitely continue using these pants when working out and it’s a no-brainer I’ll be getting the Leggings for winter.

The best bit? We've teamed up with Lunaling and are giving away 2 pairs of Lunaling Capris (worth £50 each!). The only thing you need to do is email your size (S/M/L), name, address details to info@amazingpr.co.uk. The competition will run until 19th June 2013. Worry not if you don't win – you can buy your Lunalings from their webshop (worldwide shipping), prices start from £40.