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Pop Up Your Lips with Miners Cosmetics

  Luxe Lips Creme Gloss


Everyone knows that most girls love a good healthy dose of lip gloss. Whether it is packed full of colour or glitter, we just love it; especially here at The Amazing Blog. We take a jump for it every time we are able to try a new lip gloss, and it was no different when we found out about Miners Cosmetics new LuXe Lips collection.


The new collection is a ‘luxurious crème gloss’ formula, so it is super smooth and shiny. Best part? They are absolutely packed full of colour. There are five shades to choose from, and they are all absolutely beautiful colours. First on the list is Uptown Girl, which is a delicious looking peach colour; perfect for summer. Next, Beauty Queen, is a sophisticated mauve nude, perfect for the working woman during the day. Duchess packs a punch of rich coral, which will suit just about any skin tone. Material Girl is a beautiful red/pink, which is going to look perfect for a night out. Finally, It Girl is a rich bubblegum, Barbie pink.


These glosses are wonderful as far as texture is concerned, as they lack the stickiness found in most lip gloss. They go on smooth and shiny, and feel quite moisturising. The only questionable factor is the fact that the first ingredient in the gloss is mineral oil.


If you are looking for a non-sticky, highly pigmented gloss than these are going to be perfect for you! Retailing at only £3.99 each, you will absolutely want to purchase every colour! LuXe Lips Crème Gloss can be bought at the Miners Cosmetics website as well as at many quality pharmacies. Now go on, get your shine on!