Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil - Dr Renaud

As the cold weather is firmly here to stay, with no end in sight, cleansing oils are becoming a firm favourite with us here at The Amazing Blog. We have been trying out the fabulous Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil, from the always brilliant French brand Dr Renaud It is a gentle cleanser that removes all makeup (yes, even waterproof!) while leaving your skin cleaner, softer.

Dr Renaud is a brand renowned for its innovative and scientific approach to skincare. This approach has resulted in a high performing line of products that target any and all concerns you may have; from acne to redness and hyperpigmentation Dr Renaud will have the fix. This particular cleansing oil is suited to all skin types, and may particularly be appreciated by older skins, due to the cleansers non-drying formula.

Our favourite thing about this oil is that it’s full of wonderful, natural, skin-loving ingredients. It contains the active ingredients Rose Centifolia, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Macadamia Oil. Whilst the rose and Vitamin E work to erase pigmentation and produce a clear complexion, the three nut oils condition and leave our skins plump and soft. The texture of the cleanser is lovely and light, turning into a milky emulsion on contact with water. You simply need to put a small amount in your hands to gently warm the oil and then apply to a dry face. After massaging the face, add water and rinse away the emulsified oil with fingers or a flannel. Your skin will be left feeling calmed and refreshed! The Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil is brilliant for fighting dryness and dehydration, so your skin will feel nourished and protected against the harshest and cruellest elements!

You can buy 200ml of Dr. Renaud’s Rose Plumping Cleansing Oil here for £25.

MyChelle - Deep Repair Cream

Mychelle We’ve heard so much buzz about this brand and we’re just thrilled to have it land on our desks at The Amazing Blog. MyChelle Skincare is recognised as the No.1 natural facial skincare brand in the US.  It launched in the UK about 6 months ago and has been growing in popularity.  The ingredients used are dermaceutical grade with bioactive ingredients which are free from nasties like phthalates, parabens fragrances and artificial colouring.   The product of my choice from this extensive MyChelle range is the Deep Repair Cream. I love creams that feel rich and hydrating and this certainly showed real promise. I’m told that in clinical studies, Kombuchka™ black tea ferment improved skin smoothness by 6.2% in just 29 days. EGF peptides increase cellular regeneration while algae-derived Venuceane™ protects collagen and prevents moisture loss. While the nourishing shea butter and cutting-edge skin nutrients restore moisture while improving skin’s texture and youthfulness. Well, I just can’t wait!

And as the weather has just turned with a viciously biting north wind, this cream is perfectly timed. Three times a day, I do a slow meditative walk with my elderly four-legged friend which in these current climes practically turns me into a pillar of ice (he has a double fur coat). Over the past few days I have been lavishly applying the Deep Repair Cream to great effect. Not only does it have the most gorgeous and subtle bouquet of roses/orange blossom but it also feels incredibly hydrating giving me the ideal barrier protecting my skin against the elements. I’m pleased to report that I’ve noticed that my skin now has a slightly dewy look as well as feeling incredibly soft. I have normal to dry skin but I think that this would be suitable for anyone who felt their skin was dehydrated or in need pepping up. In fact, it would be brilliant cream to take on a long haul flight or for applying after skiing or sunburn. It’s certainly something I’m deeply grateful to have at hand.  Yes, I do thoroughly recommend it and it’s well worth the RRP of £28.50 - available here or from most good health food shops.


Have you ever used MyChelle skincare? How do you like their products?



Oskia - Bedtime Beauty Boost

elia's monday My skin is having a rough time this winter. It feels dry and dehydrated; no matter what products I use on my skin, the central heating and the changes of temperature are leaving it dull and dry. On times like these I always tend to use a richer cream befote going to bed – I go for richer textures that feel luxurious on the skin. Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost is one of those gems that has made my skin feel comfortable and elastic again.

Although this cream is aimed to older skins, I’ve found Oskia’s cream has given my mid-twenties complexion a radiance and elasticity boost. The texture of the cream is light and non-greasy. Oskia’s Bedtime Beauty Boost brightens, hydrates and treats the first signs of aging too. One of the best things of this cream it's its smell: a deep Bulgarian Rose perfume and a hint of Oskia signature Rose-Lychee.

Oskia’s Bedtime Beauty Boost has quickly become one of my staples of my evening skincare routine. It’s rich without being greasy and its smell is relaxing enough befote going to sleep.

You can purchase Oskia’s fantastic products on their website.Bedtime Beauty Boost is available in two sizes: 50 ml and 15ml. They retail at £74.00 and £24.00.