St Kitts Herbery - Rosemary & Bergamot

Here at The Amazing Blog we love beauty, especially when it’s home grown. So when niche beauty brand St Kitts Herbery sent us a Rosemary and Bergamot gift set to test out, we were all very curious to try them out.

Together with St Kitts Herbery's wonderful Rosemary & Bergamot range, also came their rather special Clay Face Mask.There’s something very charming about products which include a selection of local scented flowers and plants from their area and we also love the way that their Rosemary & Bergamot is home grown too. When they arrived, the scent of the products radiated through the packaging, which made us even more excited to dive in. The shower gel and shampoo used together made showering a flowery delight, and by using the body lotion in tandem too meant that we found that the fragrance lasted even longer... As for the clay face mask, most people are aware of the positive effect of clay on skin but may only ever get the chance to use it in situ if on a holiday excursion in the Red Sea. Now with St Kitts' help, the natural clay facial experience can be recreated in your very own bathroom. The mask has a lovely thick texture, which soaks into the skin and when left on for the recommended time of 10 minutes, leaves it feeling silky soft and refreshed. To think that St Kitts Herbery began life in 2001, with just £2000 and as old truck-stop style cafe in Cornwall, but has since evolved into a gorgeous beauty brand offering perfectly natural yet luxurious products is a very inspirational story indeed.  Certainly their hard work is now reflected in these products and if you’re after something 100% British, natural  and with a luxurious feel then St Kitts Herbery is a must!

The Rosemary & Bergamont Luxury Gift Set and Clay Face Mask can be purchased here for £11.95 each, along with various other delights.