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IVAR - Ho Wood Handwash


Due to how frequent we wash our hands, it is essential to use a handwash that is both gentle and moisturising. However, a good handwash must also work hard to cleanse our hands of germs. The Amazing Blog team has been lucky enough to find such a handwash:  IVAR's Ho Wood Handwash. IVAR London, "Home of Modern Man," is a furniture, home-ware, and design brand. They have launched a line of hand soaps, creams, and body wash that are sleekly designed, to provide caring skin treatment while stylising your bathroom.

IVAR is primarily a furniture, homeware, and design brand created by Patrick Dougherty. They specialise in uniquely beautiful interior design looks and furniture. When we learned about their line of soaps and creams, we had to give them a try. Each bottle of IVAR handwash comes in a long, sleek black & white bottle, and the label is comprised of strong, simple lines.

Made in the UK, IVAR's Ho Wood Handwash contains ho wood oil, citrus lemon peel oil, clary sage oil,  and citric acid. The essential oils refresh your hands and leave them with a zingy lemon scent with a dampening of sage, loved by the men and women in our team. This handwash also contains plant-derived glycerine, which naturally provides hands with moisture, wonderful for those of you with sensitive skin.

You can purchase your own Ho Wood Handwash 300ml by IVAR here for £17.00. Plus, there's free shipping within the UK.

Lime Oil Power Cleaner by Sodasan


There is nothing more agreeable than coming home after a very long day. The adage “there is no place like home” says it all and we at The Amazing Blog cherish our homes too. Like you we want to make sure our homes are comfortable, safe and clean. Natural cleaning products are particularly important to us and  Sodasan’s Lime Oil Power Cleaner is a great new products that will help to keep your home clean and fresh.

Sodasan’s Lime Oil Power Cleaner is a not only a vegan surfaces cleaner but an intensive stain remover too. It's a concentrated cleaner that works efficiently by removing stains in textiles, carpets and all wipeable surfaces. You can expect a deeply cleansed surface free from dirt, grease and bacteria leaving a fresh citrus scent. The Lime Oil Power Cleaner is made with environmentally friendly ingredients, where production occurs on a CO2-neutral basis.  Sodasan also only use electricity from Greenpeace Energy and therefore work 100% free of nuclear power. The product is certified in accordance with the guidelines from Ecogarantie and the Vegan Society. The key ingredients include potassium soap, alcohol, water, orange terpenes and natural perfume oil. By combining all these ingredients, Sodasan have made a powerful and highly efficient cleaning product.

The Sodasan’s cleaner is a must-have, it is great multi-tasker for household cleaner and as mentioned can be used in myriad of ways. We adored the fresh lemon fragrance that stayed in the office after using it, plus it made everything sparkle and shine adding an extra zesty zing. For us, it's a winner and we'll certainly be buying more especially as Sodasan's Lime Oil Cleaner is free from synthetic dyes and preservatives. To purchase Sodasan's Lime Oil Cleaner for £7.95 click here