PURE Papaya Ointment

As we've mentioned a many times before, the gang at The Amazing Blog loves allrounder products. The winter has been and is being very harsh - gloves, faux fur coats and good boots keep us protected from the entreme cold. One beauty product that we've been relying on lately is PURE Papaya Ointment - the 100% natural, petrochemical-free skin care essential from Australia.

In addition to papaya, or paw paw; ingredients include soothing calendula, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, styrax benzoin resin, silica, beeswax and vitamin E. PURE Papaya Ointment soothes, moisturises and protects your skin - it goes beyond a lip balm, a body butter or a body oil; it's the ultimate multipurpose skin care product that can be used for so many skin ailments. The girls at The Amazing Blog always carry one these tubes in their bags! It has quickly become one of our handbag essentials.

You can use PURE Papaya Ointment as a lip balm, a body moisturiser, as an aftercare for tattoos, post epilation, post shave, as an eyecream... it's versatility leaves us speechless.

You can purchase this winter skincare essential though their website.

Steam Cream

As any on-the-go girl can tell you, products that work and  are small enough to fit in our permanently cluttered handbags are essential. There’s nothing worse than finding a must have product that comes in bulky packaging, and here at The Amazing Blog we’ve found a great product in a perfectly sized package: Steam Cream. Not only will this tiny tin of cream fit in the smallest of clutches, but it’s a really lovely cream to have on hand.

Unlike most moisturisers out there, Steam Cream uses a unique method of steaming through the ingredients, in order to create the smoothest, most effective cream, and it smells amazing too. Together, the natural ingredients and steam mix together remaining totally pure and effective. The second you use it, the light cream sinks into your skin, making your skin feel softer for longer. Ingredients like orange flower, oatmeal, almond oil, and cocoa butter, leave your skin non-irritated and perfectly moisturised. All products are handmade, using fresh and sustainable ingredients, making them beautiful, effective, affordable and ethical. Their website has tons of different tins of this brilliant cream to choose from, whether its style or substance you’re after, Steam Cream has a tin for you. You can use this cream on your hands, body and face, our only problem with it is that there just isn’t enough – there’s no pleasing us girls! And for all your travelling beauty junkies, the 75g tin is hand-luggage appropriate!

Perfect for your skin and your jam-packed bag, pick up a tin (or two) of Steam Cream for yourself as a gift, you’ll definitely be back for more!

Hydrate naturally!

My new favourite drink of choice is Vita Coco. Made from 100% natural coconut water which is taken from young, green, healthy coconuts, this refreshing and tropical tasting drink takes me back to the beaches of Thailand where I would sip on this delicious water straight from the young coconuts daily. Although I’m not known for being particularly sporty I’m told that coconut water is the ultimate post-workout drink as it is extremely hydrating and contains 15 times the electrolytes found in sports drinks (this also makes it ideal for hangovers!) It is also fat free and cholesterol free with no added sugar making it much healthier than normal energy drinks. Pure coconut water also has numerous other health benefits including keeping the body cool,  boosting circulation, easing stomach pains, balancing your body's pH level, detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system as well as promoting weight loss.

I love the original version but for those people that need something a bit sweeter, Vita Coco also comes in several flavoured varieties such as peach and mango and acai and pomegranate which are all made using natural fruit purees to flavour them.

Vita Coco is available from Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods and Planet Organic.