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Good Full Stop - Fruit & Nut Bars

When trying to stick to a healthy diet, snack time can become stressful. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have found the perfect nutritional addition to your snack cupboard. Good Full Stop have introduced a range of healthy Fruit & Nut Bars that taste as good as they sound.

With 6 delectable flavours in the range, we were lucky enough to try them all. Each is delicious and indulgent; choose from Fruit & Nut, Double Chocolate, Raspberry, Chocolate & Mint, Chocolate Orange and Cherry & Maple Syrup. These wholesome fruit and nut bars keep sweet cravings at bay and provide you with one of your five a day! We often put up with hunger pangs between meals, but we loved how filling and convenient these bars were on the go. They would be ideal for children’s lunchboxes as a nutritious substitute to chocolate bars; a healthy bar with a 'hint of naughtiness'. Each made with tasty dates (nature’s answer to toffee), they are packed into the bars to provide that mouth-watering sweetness that we often crave when it comes to keeping healthy. What's more, Good Full Stop have ensured that the bars can be enjoyed by everyone. Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the ingredients are totally natural so there was no need for harmful additives.

Keep your sweet cravings satisfied with this healthy, nutritious and just Good Full Stop bar, buy yours here for 65p each, or £11.40 for a box of 20.