The Organic Pharmacy - Self Tan

Around this time of year it seems that everyone on the streets is sporting a lovely summer glow, but several of us here at The Amazing Blog aren’t so lucky. It seems we are pale or bright red, with nothing in between. We, therefore, couldn’t have been more grateful to receive The Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan.

For those of you who find a natural tan elusive, look no further than this 100% natural product. This self tan uses a unique DHA, Ecocert derived from sugar beets to give you a natural glow without harming skin. It also contains shea butter, aloe, jojoba, and coconut oil, which allow it to moisturise while you apply. This product is completely free from preservatives, colourants and petrochemicals and is gentle on sensitive skin. As an added bonus, it has a light and pleasant fragrance, so there is no worry about smelling like you are covered in product.

When we tried this product, we were glad to find that it felt very lightweight and didn’t leave a greasy film on top of our skin. It went on evenly and without streaks, and in just a few hours we had a soft, uniform glow. We especially loved that it lasted several days, and we only needed to apply a few times a week in order to spend every day looking radiant.

If you too are in search of a summer warmth to your look, The Organic Pharmacy’s Self Tan can be bought here for £36.95.